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Cygnal Ragnarok Online
October 8, 2016 Grand Opening BASIC INFORMATION • Episode 13.2 Encounter With the Unknown • Server Rates: x25 Base & Job Exp • Drop Rate: x5 (Equips/Usables/Healing/Common) • Card Drop Rate: .3% • MvP Drop Rate: x1 • Mini-Boss Drop Rate: x1 • Max Base Level: 99 • Max Job Level: 70 ...
3rd Jobs / Lvl: 255 - Job: 120 / 70k-40k-100x / Pre-re / Maps para leveo rápido / Max ASPD 195 / Eventos custom / Items custom / Quests custom / Costumes / Woe Activa: Viernes, sábado y domingo / Quest Refinador seguro / Mercado extenso / Cards Normales: 20 % / MvP Cards: 5 % / Enfoque a PvP / N...
Villain Ragnarok Online
255/120 Pvp/Woe Type Server Free All Items And Cards!
• Renewal • Rates 10/10/5. • Mvp cards 0.01. • No custom. • Eventos automáticos • Sistema de recompensas con cash • Premios en cash por PvP • NO PAY 2 WIN
Amatsu Ragnarok Online
I miss RO 2002 , Old School 99/50 , 5x EXP , 5x DROPS . 3x CARDS . 1x MvP Drops . Gepard 2.0 Protected . Dedicated Server . Full Official Setup
**(STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - BUT PLAYABLE)** [ExileRO]-Role Play - **BRAND NEW SERVER** Playable{Offline & Onliine} Episode 8 Rates 50000x/50000x/10000x Quest Exp: 25000x Max Base Lvl: 160 Max Job Lvl: 60 Max Stats: 200 -Third Jobs or Higher -HealerSkill -ResetterStat Resetter Many more
Lazy Ragnarok Online
This server is a long term server with or without players the server will still run 24/7, to give fun and enjoyable experience play. We the Lazy Ragnarok Admin Team would like to thank all the players and also those who have interest to play this server, we will try our best to give you a good serve...
Pre Renewal Mid Rate
European Ragnarok Online
Wir versuchen wieder für alle deutschen Spieler ein angenehmes Ragnarök Online vergnügen zu erschaffen. Derzeit wird noch viel Übersetzt, jedoch ist es vollständig spielbar. Wir freuen uns auf jeden neuen Spieler und Helfer, der uns gerne beim weiteren Aufbau un Betrieb unterstützt. 2 Char 2...
Indra Ragnarok Online
255/120 DarkRO Based / Pre-Renewal Server
Pre Renewal
Reborn Ragnarok Online
Here at RebornRO, we plan to bring players a nostalgic trip back into the world of Ragnarok Online. We, the staff of Reborn Ragnarok Online are commited to bring a classic yet stable environment, bug and hack-free experience to our players.
Cerberus Ragnarok Online
Looking for something to enjoy this coming Christmas Break? Cerberus Ragnarok Online will Launch on Oct 20, 2018. We understand that you don\'t have enough spare time to complete your cards/gears before joining PVP/WoE and for that reason we will be giving a Basic Ready to PVP Freebies compounded wi...
Renewal Mid Rate
2.5k/2.5k/2k No 3rd jobs, Specialization Rings make your builds strong, Active staff, Endless Tower, Balanced Items, Custom Items/Monsters/Quests
Insane Ragnarok Online
APERTURA 7 DE JULIO. Rates 500x500x100 || 99/70 || Pre-Renewal || BattleGround 2.0 || Gepard Shield || AntiDDOs Server || War of Emperium 1.0 y 2.0 || MvP Hats especiales || Modalidades propias. Únete y forma parte de esta nueva aventura
Pre Renewal
Pre-Renewal 99/70, Max St/ASPD 99/190, Unique Refining and Mining System, Donation items available in game, Unique Warping System, ActiveDriven Battlegrounds Floating Reward System, Equipment Change System Change all your 8 slots only with 1 click, Ranked Balancing, Hourly Reward NPC
Autoplay Ragnarok Online
255/120 - pre-renewal - transcendent class - kiel base server - LESS EQUIPMENT MORE ON COSTUME - no overstats items - balance gameplay - gepard 3.0
Pre Renewal High Rate
WarRO Full PvP lvl 255
-Level 255/255 -2rd(Pre-Renewal) -ASPD:195 -Status:300 -Drop de cartas e itens 100% -Eventos com premiacao -Staff presente -Quest por caveiras -Itens visuais -Woe todos os dias com premiacao -PvP Com quest e sem quest -Servidor equilibrado -Vip gratis -Full PvP 255/255 -www.warro.com.br
ManiaK-RO - Restart
Rates: 100x/100x/50%|Max Lvl: 700/150|Max Stats: 450|No Third Class|Doram Race|MvP Point System|Event Point System|Instances|Gold Room|Rewards Every 100 Levels|Special Reward when you reach max level
10/10/5, max level 99, pre-renewal, constant uptime - no wipes EVER! Features content up to Episode 14.1 + many customizations, seasonal events, and friendly staff!
Rates: 100x/100x/15x - MaxLevel: 99/70 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - Great GMs and Players - Many Events - WoE/PvP - Only rops - Pre-renewal -
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Es un servidor 99/70 Servidor clasico high rates pero solo de subida de nivel luego los items son mid rates y las cartas MVP 0,01% Cartas Normales 5% sin custom items ni 3ºclases. Que estas esperando para unirte a esta espléndida comunidad y pasártelo en grande.
Ragnarok Online Alpha Server
Ragnarok Online Alpha Server 99/70 Asian Server,Trans Jobs,,exp 1000/1000, droprates :Normal card drops 10 %,Boss card 1-3%,Rare Item 1% ,randomoption items 1-3%,Gepard Shield Protected,Costumes ,Achievment system, Title System ,ClanSystem,Evolved mvp cards,PVP Rooms, quest and more. Balance
Pre Renewal
SERVIDOR SEM FINS LUCRATIVOS 500X/500X/25% 175/90 TransClasseEventos Automaticos,rops dropado em eventosBGDSMaquina de brinquedostorre sem fim entre outros entra e confira.Atualização semanal
Cebols Rangnarok PK Server
PK Mode Start On lv 99 and above Experience/job experience/drop item = 100x/100x/Custom Maximum Level 175 Maximum Job Level 60 Max Attack Speed = 198 Max Stat 255! Freebies Item ( limited time only ): * +10 Knife ( Rental Item ) * 4 pcs Zipper Bear Card ( Rental Item ) * 10 pcs Battle manual x3 ( ex...
Impaler RO- Private Server
Pre-Renewal 99/70 -NO 3°Jobs -Rates: 70x70x 50x -Drops Cartas: Normal 1% - MvP 0.01%: -Gepard Anti-Cheat Shield -Max ASPD 190, Sistema Cash, Quest,Votación y Donación// BG Actualizados// y AncientWOE (restringida al episodio 7). Eventos Automáticos y GMs Activos//GP +12Miembros y pack individual...
Dawn Of Hero Ragnarok Online
Servidor Pre-Renewal Rates x15x15x10 pensado para que el jugador vea en este servidor una casa. Un sitio donde volver a jugar Ragnarok , sin necesidad de miedos al cierre. Staff comprometido con el jugador. Pruebanos y no te arrepentiras.
Pre Renewal
Renaissance Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok Online Renaissance Server ••• •• Server Rates •• • Server Mode : Pre - Renewal • Environment : Modified • EXP Rates : 25x/25x/Modified • Drop Rate : 15x • Equipment Drop : 8x • Normal Cards : 5x • MVP & Mini Boss Cards : Disabled • Episode 10.2 : Lighthalzen ...
Mid Rate