MapleStory Private Servers

Listing the most popular Maplestory private servers.

MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server
No longer recognize today’s MapleStory as the one you played in the good old days? Try MapleRoyals! MapleRoyals offers a nostalgic experience, the way you remember it, with a large community where you can easily find your place. Whether it’s bossing, PQing, or grinding, you can enjoy it all agai...
No Pay2win Old School V83 V62 NoPay2Win Party Quests Friendly Community HP Washing Optional Old School MapleStory Challenging Fun Nostalgic Low Rate
AriesMS [GMS v204]
Are you looking for the best Maplestory experience? Give us a shot! AriesMS strives to bring you the most stable and rewarding gameplay realistically achievable. While other Maplestory servers stagnate in mundanity, we desire to evolve beyond boundaries with every update! Indulge in working 5th jobs...
MapleMS - Progressive EXP [LINKED SYSTEM][720p HD][HP Wash Optional]
For people who like the Pre-BB experience but get bored of grinding at higher levels. | v83 Progressive EXP rate / 5x Meso / 5x Drop | Custom 720p HD Widescreen client | HP Washing optional | Linked Skills | Item leveling | All PQs working +custom - Max. Level 250 - Aran skills unlocked without ques...
V83 HD Widescreen Client Old School Mid Rate No HP Washing Low Rate
MapleLegends - The Old School MapleStory Server - MAC Compatible
Missing the old MapleStory where everything was challenging but do not miss the lack of content Old MapleStory had? MapleLegends brings the Old MapleStory gameplay and skills, but provides content from new and non-GMS regions. Join now for more details, and re-experience the old and simple times...
Promote Streamers MAC Compatible No Vote2win Friendly Community No Pay2win Old School GunBound Old School MapleStory V62 All Quests Working Free Cosmetics NoPay2Win Party Quests Friendly Community Old School HP Washing Optional Mac Compatible Nostalgic Low Rate
Croosade v110 progressive & v92 - Low rates
Post and pre big bang. Challenging but fair low rates. Windows, MAC and Linux. Friendly, experienced and active staff. Available 24/7. Custom HP/MP system. All party quests, all bosses, all jobs and skills, all quests. Full friendship, engagement and marriage. Professional anti-cheat system.
V110 V92
Old School Maple [OSM] - The Real Nostalgic MapleStory [v7] [Progressive] [2x-1x EXP] [1x Drop]
Come one, come all! Relive the Old School MapleStory with no HP washing and original monster spawns. Master your class and learn all the 3rd job skills! [HD Support] [Professional Anti-Cheat] [Professional Website] [3rd Job Only] [GMS-Like] [No Leeching] [No Buff Mules] [Incentives]
Party Quests GMS Like No Pay2win LowRates Old School Old School MapleStory No 4th Job NoVote2Win No Leeching No HP Washing No P2W Mac Compatible Old School MapleStory Nostalgic Low Rate
MapleSaga - Old School 8x EXP MapleStory Private Server [Mac Compatible] [June EXP Event]
Want to relive the old days, but don’t have time for a tiresome x4 or x3 EXP grind? TRY MapleSaga (8x EXP), the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! YOU’LL LOVE our rebalanced skills, Monster Carnival PQ, Pink Bean boss and more. Get FREE access to thousands of haircuts and NX items as...
MAC Compatible Friendly Community Optional HP Washing Achievement System Class Rebalancing GM-Hosted Events Helpful Staff v176 Face/Hair/Cash Items Old School V62
MapleFriends - [v83] [Progressive EXP, 5x, 5x] [Burning Characters] [Linked Skills] [HD Client]
This server is constantly developing with new content coming out! Some of our newest updates consists of Chaos Horntail, Chaos Zakum, LHC, ULU City, and more! Come check out why MapleFriends is the #1 fastest growing server!
V83 Burning Characters Updated Cash Shop All Quests Working Updated Cosmetics Custom Features Linked Skills Item Leveling HD Widescreen Client
Dream MS v83 [WIDESCREEN] [4x 2x 3x] [No HP Washing]
Just wiped after beta! Come join us and relive old school MapleStory that you have been missing! Our low rates make it a challenging yet fun experience. 1280x720 and 800x600 resolution! We have a system that eliminates HP washing. NO P2W, NO V2W, so you can be assured that your dedication is worth i...
V83 Ulu City GMS Like Widescreen No Vote2Win No Pay2Win No HP Washing Challenging MonsterCarnival Nostalgic Low Rate
MapleKey - v83 - A MapleStory Private Server
We are a high-rate v83 server that molds with the community. »1000x/750x/3x« »Competitive Play« »Item of Choice« »Sandbox to test IOCs« »MSI System« »Custom JQs« »Party Quests« »1000 Rebirths for GM Job« »Peridot Currency« »No Pay to Win« »Game Room« »Lottery« »GM & Player-H...
V83 WZ edits Free Cosmetics No P2W Daily Login Rewards High Rate Private Server Rebirths MSI maplestory
Phoenix - Aqua Road and Deep Sea Gorge
Experience the evolution of MapleStorys content like you have previously forgotten, on Phoenix. A 1x, 1x, 1x server with no hp washing, no pay to win, many features functioning just like original maple, and with constant updates. Currently replicating v28 of MapleStory.
V38 No Pay2Win GMS Like Active Development No HP Washing Nostalgic Low Rate
MapleUnity [BETA; RESERVE NAME AND EARN REWARDS] [WIDESCREEN] PROGRESSIVE EXP DURING BETA ONLY TO LEVEL QUICKLY AND EARN REWARDS FOR RELEASE -- No HP Washing~ No AFK Leeching~ Good Anti-cheat~ No gender restrictions on cosmetics~ Meso Cash Shop~ Monster Book~ Fishing~ All PQs work~ JMS-style wedding~ Unique Skill Balancing~ Unique Quests~
Low Rate GMS V62 Meso Cash Shop Widescreen Fishing No Vote2Win Monster Book No Leeching No HP Washing NoPay2Win Old School Nostalgic
V83 V75 V62 Custom Login Screen Custom UI Higher Version Skill Effects Shemales WebCucks Custom PQS NoPay2Win votesystem Custom Content Low Rate
uwuMS [Release on JUNE 14TH]
Welcome to uwums, come join our server! Our EXP Rate is dynamic and will change with the levels you have, Mesos is 2x, Drop is 3x! Use potential scrolls to increase your damage in order to fight harder bosses such as Chaos Zakum and Horntail. You can also be cute and an official uwu henehoe! The cho...
Cute Copy Paste Dev Pog >_< Single people ready to meet Lolis Milfs Dilfs Dogs Cats V92 Sugar Daddies Waiting for you NSFW free uwu OwO HeneHoe Approved Start with a free cat Support Gays Potentials maplestory
MapleHelios [5x-2x-2x] [Mac Compatible]
Helios is a progressive v62-based server that re-imagines the formerly nonsensical! We\'ve buffed all your favourite undervalued classes, introduced more valuable quest lines, and moved endgame items out of Gachapon to make the game more about playing. Join us today to enjoy a better MapleStory!
Achievement Ring System Rebalanced Classes Boss-based Economy No Pay2win Godly Drop System Optional HP Washing Expanded Endgame Mac Compatible
Revolve [GMS v146] [Official June 16th]
RevolveMS v146.1 is a GMS private server with all the classes up to Zero and Beast Tamer. We offer you a challenging gameplay experience with our customized leveling system, achievement system and awakening system. All bosses and party quests with customized rewards and drops. Daily automatic events...
HP Washing Optional, NoPay2Win Rebirths Fun Custom Content
My-MS v83 Custom Server
»Join« »US« »Today« »High Rate« 1000 EXP | 250 Mesos | 1 Drop« »v0.83« »4 Channels« »Skill Maxer« »Item of Choice« »Vote for Rewards« »Auto-JQ System« »MSI System« »Custom BossPQ« »GM Job« »Custom WZ« »Custom MAPS« »Cat Doll Currency« »Custom Hair/Face Style\'s« »...
V83 Custom v83 high rate Custom Content V83 Custom PQ Rewards Custom PQs Private Server MSI proitem votesystem Nostalgic maplestory
[Rebirths] [Progressive Rates 100x EXP to 5x EXP] [Job Recovery System] [Lv. 10 Equips] [Item level ups] [PQ\'s] [PQ Rewards] [Working Bosses] [Party Play] [Merchants] [Omok] [Working Scrolls] [99% Working Skills] [Active Development] [Updated Gear] [2x Coupons] [GM Events] [Friendly Community] [LHC...
V83 LHC Ulu City Progressive Mid Rate NoPay2Win Rebirths Fun Hard Custom Content Low Rate
MapleDestiny - In-development, v86 and beyond
Back in the workshop for a full remake ~ Make sure to pass by every now and then, if you want to stay updated on our current status!
Custom Content MapleStory
MapleOracle V83 - Server is open for testing
MapleOracle is back once again we are launching soon so join our discord for updates!
V83 Progressive EXP Rate Meme Support Gays NoPay2Win Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Challenging rebirth Custom Content maplestory
NoStory [4x exp, 3x meso, 2x drop]
Custom skill, item, and character stat leveling systems // Multiclassing much better than rebirth // Advanced Chaos custom endgame // Most PQs working // Experience unique, rewarding, polished, refreshing gameplay with no pay2win
V83 Custom Content Low Rate Friendly Community No HP Washing No P2W
Coming soon, beta testing in progress.
Low Rate GMS V83 Not Pay-to-Win Item Potentials Hyper Skills Burning Characters Active Development Free Cosmetics Nostalgic Custom Content Paragon & Prestige HD Visual Overhaul
Serenity Beta Testing Soon
v83 RATES HIGHER THAN YOUR GPA [Cute girls on staff] [Princesses in discord] [Surprise inside ;)] [200/2/2] [Hiring Interns] [Dungeons ;)] [high resolution] [no spawners] [Item Enhancing, no msi] [v190+ items/ styles/ training areas/ mounts & chairs] [updated skills] [scheduled events] [Occupation &...
V83 maplestory
MapleJade - [Looking for WZ Editors & Coders]
MapleJade, A v90 server with rates 12x EXP, 3x Meso and 2x Drop! We are in the works of fully working v148 hairs/faces/skins and other things, WZ-edited custom balanced Job skills and Party Quests! Play/Test the server and give your feedback! Bring your friends do some PQ\'s and relax with us in the...
V90 No Pay2Win WZ edits Evans Dual Blader HP Washing Optional Nostalgic No Vote2Win
VoyageMS BETA JUNE 15TH v65 KMS Windows Mac Compatible
VoyageMS Coming SOON TM v65 KMS Windows/Mac compatible
MAC Compatible v65 Not Pay-to-Win Updated Cash Shop No Pay2win HP Washing Optional Mac Compatible MonsterCarnival Nostalgic Custom Content Low Rate maplestory
denMS v83 [May, June 2019] [Progressive Rates] - Mac & Linux Compatible
v83 private server based on HeavenMS source code and EdenMS\'s CMS website (praise be to all those developers on Added PvP mode. MAC & Linux Client provided too! Discord server link added. NO donations accepted ever! Long time and active members will be given extra commands...
MAC Compatible V83 Progressive EXP Rate GMS Like V83 Free to Win No P2W Mac Compatible PvP Nostalgic
Looking for something fresh? Join today for a newly released KMS based server with relevant english translations in an active and friendly community! We have a great dedicated staff providing new mini-games, multi-regional exclusive NX and of course, daily events!
Friendly Community Helpful Staff Positive Community Rebirths Friendly Community Casual PvP
VardenStory v83 - Old Meets New, The Hidden Story
OPEN ALPHA || Progressive EXP & Meso Rates || 4x Quest EXP || 2x Drop || 2x Boss Drop || Nostalgia and Modern Collide || Major towns revamped || Some areas received overhauls! || Uncover the hidden story with a brand new continent and quests || Widescreen & Widescreen Optimizations ||
V83 HP Washing Optional, Custom Content Low Rate
MapleChord v62 - x10-x25 Exp, x1 Mesos, x1 Drop [Official Release July 1st]
Want to play a nostalgic version like in the good old days but don\'t want to grind all day playing on a low rate server? MapleChord offers you a unique old-school semi-gms like experience, with mid rates, high mob spawn rate, and re-balanced stats for easier training. We also encourage people to pl...
V62 Active Development Mid Rate Party Quests Friendly Community Old School Challenging Rebirths Nostalgic
KiotoStory 83
Veteran Nostalgic proyect for old-school Maplers. [NOT PAY2WIN] [NO LEECH] with progressive rates and [REBORN NOW]. No tolerance for hackers. [PROGRESSIVE RATES] [Item Level]
V83 All PQs No Leeching No Pay2Win Old School rebirth Nostalgic Progressive
Amiga's SummerStory
~Amiga\'s SummerStory~ - v83 Progressive EXP rate / 2x Meso / 2x Drop - Potential System !!! - Custom HD Widescreen client - Item leveling - All PQs working - Maximum Level 250 - Special Beauty Coupons - Leeching System - Nx From Mobs - Custom Systems, Bosses, Cosmetics from newer versions
V83 Item Potentials Custom Maps HD Widescreen Client Low Rate V83 Custom Content
Zakum [GMS v162] MapleStory Private Server
Zakum offers challenging, yet very balanced rates. We offer creative custom content [Buffed and custom maps, custom bosses, level 255, class balances, Ayame class and so much more]. We have all classes available.
Ellin v83 - 8x Exp, 4x Meso 3x Drop [BETA][HP WASHING OPTIONAL][HD]
«8x/4x/3x» [Pre-BB MapleStory Server» «Vote for NX» «All PartyQuests» «Item LevelUp» «Job advancements GMS-Like» «Expeditions» «All Quests» «Active Development» «We provide many nostalgic features» «Take the time machine and join today to re-experience the world of MapleStory»
V83 All Party Quests All Quests Working Item Leveling Active Development No HP Washing Party Quests Friendly Community Daily Login Rewards Old School MapleStory Low Rate
bbokiMS ~ v83 ~ 1000x Exp, 400x Meso, 2x Drop ~ Coming soon
High rates done right, for once! Experienced our laid-back training system, HEAVILY modified client, and our stunning aesthetics! We have: ~Various widescreen options~ ~Variable rates~ ~The latest GMS items~ ~Frequent GM events~ ~Cute Asian GMs~ ~Rebalanced all maps~
V83 HeneHoe Approved Widescreen No Gender Limits Friendly Community Casual Rebirths Custom Content
Alguna vez fuiste GM en algun servidor de Maplestory? sea si o no tu respuesta en este servidor puedes serlo , podrás crear items , hostear eventos,etc. PeruvianMS hace tu sueño realidad de ser GM , No necesitas contactar a un GM dentro del juego Crea tu cuenta y seras GM automaticamente, si desea...
No Vote2win No Pay2win ViejaEscuela V83 Rebalanced Classes Old School MapleStory Nostalgic Low Rate
Fun Server/ No Pay to Win/ Medium Rates/ Friendly Staff/ Nostalgic Game Play/ Vote System/ No Donation System/ Everything you can get in game/ Beta will be Soon/ Join our Discord for more Info! Beta starting 6/9/2019! Be a part of the best upcoming server! Active mature freindly staff. beta rates 15...
V83 V83 No P2W Friendly Community Fun votesystem Nostalgic maplestory
V83 Low rate - Link Stats, New items, Monsters, Bosses and weapon levels. No HP Washing needed. Constant events and updates. Join us to experience the difference. Also hiring WZ editor and Website development, apply within.
V83 Link Stats HD Client Original Content Low Rate
Chirithy v83 - in development
[250/100/3 rates] [Custom jobs and skills] [Custom maps] [Custom mobs and bosses] [Custom items] [Custom eyes and hairs] [Storyline] [Highrate] [Rebirth] [Custom mounts] [Custom chairs] [Customized gameplay and content] [MSI and crafting] [BossPQ] [Fishing] [PVP] [Up to date items]
V83 Custom Content rebirth
Ariku - v95 - BIG BANG
[4x 5x 2x 5x Quest] [Low Rate] [Progressive Server] [Active Development 24/7] [Friendly] [Nostalgic] [No Hp Wash] [Custom Drop Table]
V95 Active Development Potentials Custom Drop Table Friendly Community Nostalgic Custom Content Low Rate
SmileStory v83
[v83 - 8x - 3x - 3x] [0 Lag] [GM Amistosos] [Comunidad Alegre] [Doble de Experiencia Fines de Semana] [5 Canales Activos] [Sistema de Rebirth] [Job Avanzado] [Kerning PQ, Ludi PQ, LMPQ, BossPQ] [NoP2W] [Jobs up to Mihile] [Latinos]
V83 Potentials High Rate MonsterCarnival DojoPQ Fun Hard MSI votesystem Custom Content maplestory
JoblessMS, The Nostalgic v62 Server For Odd Jobbers~
JoblessMS, is a nostalgic server for beginners and oddjobbers. Tough it out without PQ leeching, grind like the legends used too. Play as a camper, islander, beginner, str mage, woodsman, brigand, hp warrior and more.
V62 Hardcore Mode No Leeching No HP Washing No Maroon Mop Free Cosmetics No Gender Limits NoPay2Win Mac Compatible Nostalgic Low Rate
ClassicMS - Experience the past
Experience 2009-era MapleStory in its prime at ClassicMS. We offer a vanilla form (1x rates) of MapleStory v62 with no additional edits to the game, a friendly community with near daily events along with free NX (you have to vote for NX). Most of our content is working, and the rest are almost fixed...
[ProjectNano][Server dating back to 2007!][Omega Sector Revamp!][Global Party Play 10-20%][Up to date Hair and Eyes] [Up to date NX][CPQ][Vote point system][Destiny System Rebirths][Rebirth Training grounds][Leech friendly party exp] [Skills Books][High number of working quests][Dedicated Developers...
V83 V171 MonsterCarnival Fun Hard Nostalgic Custom Content Low Rate
Coming soon. Low rate Maplestory private server, active GMs; daily events. Recent chairs, hairs, faces, and other NX items from GMS
V83 Old School MapleStory DojoPQ votesystem Nostalgic Low Rate Daily Events Friendly Community No P2W Widescreen HeneHoe Approved
[OPEN TODAY] AdrenalineMS old school [PRE BB] [GMS LIKE] [GMS is required] [Auto Register] [3x exp-
[3x/2x/1x 4x quest exp] [Pre-BB GMS Like] [All PartyQuest+Cpq1/2] [Item Levels] [Job advancements GMS-Like] [Quests Working] [Active Staff+dev] [We have all the nostalgic things and all the features] [Sit down well in the chair and go back to playing in the old school Welcome to AdrenalineMS] [disc...
V83 No Vote2Win No P2W Party Quests Old School MapleStory MonsterCarnival MapleStory low rate maplestory
V83 Ulu City GMS like Ninja Castle Custom Content Active Development All Bosses All PQs Temple of Time NoVote2Win HP Washing Optional, NoPay2Win Friendly Community Rebirths
Yggdrasil [KMS v284] MapleStory Private Server
Currently still in early alpha stage... Registration is Closed [KMS v284][Low rate][Buffed Maps][Buffed Equipment][Buffed bosses][Level 250][Rewarding system][Friendly Community][Challenging content]
The Bakery
Bomb Maple Discord server discussing maplestory private servers and memes as well as promoting maple private server streamers.
Cute Copy Paste Dev >_< Lolis Cats Promote Streamers Friendly Community NoVote2Win No Pay2win Play-to-win Helpful Staff Custom Features uwu Hot staff OwO HeneHoe Approved Rateless HD Widescreen Client no hp wash Streamer Friendly Original Content
Maple Art Online
[BETA] Feel like you are repeating the same steps over and over on different servers? Are you looking for something completely out of the box, professional and innovative? Well look no further! You have found Maple Art online! This server is based on the popular anime Sword Art Online. Travel the 10...
V83 Hardcore Mode NoPay2Win Custom Areas Custom Drop Table Custom PQs Fun Hard Custom Content Low Rate