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AoD Solo Duo
welcome to the AoD solo/duo modded server, we are now using (3 x Server, More Loot. 6 hours Protection for noobs. Group Limit 2. Anti Chat Flood. NPC Drop Gun. Info Panel. Only Force Wipes. Bigger stacks.) please no alias, only duo/solo no teaming up, no cheating/hacking. try to be nice in the chat ...
Aktualy bigger stack size sleepers Force wipes more loot
Botany Bay - Rust Vanilla Server
Welcome to the Botany Bay, pls read below :) No MODs are installed. RULES: - Respect each other all the Time, if u want to beef each other than use steam chat for this ! - Do NEVER Swear in Serverchat - No Rascism at anytime, even not on Signs - No Hate against players who are not as good as u ar...
JnS 5x
just a 5x gather pvp\\pve base server running several plugins to enhance gameplay
Game of Rust
Welcome to the Game of Rust Server. Join today and play for free. Play Rust how it was intended with no mods. Friendly Admin and is Reset every Thursday ready for new updates. Join IP:
Princesses Terrorist Training
TP|Clans|Kits|NoDecay|Pets|Suicide Vests|Fishing|Bounties We are a noob friendly server, with a nice community of people, active owner who is open to input and who streams the servers ongoings/dramas. *Current mods:* TP, Kits, Clans, Fishing, Pets, Suicide Vests, RadtownAnimals, AutoDoors, SkipNig...