War of the Immortals Private Servers

Listing the most popular WOI private servers.

Devastation WOI Salvation
MMO Devastation hosting WOI Legendary Crusade, 150x drops, dynamic exp, 5.000.000 free ZEN Friendly staff and professional developers, New updates coming, Devastation network hosting 5+ years, come and join the Devastation.
Legacia - WOI Legendary Crusade
Woi - LC EXP rate 10 and fair prices Hosted Beta server via EG reserved for specified best selections of regions come now and dont miss your chance for peaceful , well respected and quiet server
WOI Destruction - Vision - XP x100 Drops x100 Cult of the wyrm patch! XP x100 Drops x100! 9 Classes. Experienced staff, friendly and growing community.
WOI MORTAL Cult of the Wyrm-XP Drop 100x
Welcome To WOI MORTAL, Experience 100x / Drop: 100x / Patch: Cult of the Wyrm with Official items, New Oracles, New pets, New Weapon / Zen Per Hour: 2500