Shaiya Private Servers

Listing the most popular Shaiya private servers.

EG Shaiya - Episode 8 - EterniaGames
[EG Shaiya is the first and only full Episode 8 private server] [XP x50] [Free AP and Item Rewards] [Vote, Recruit, Refer] [Monthly PvP & Vote Rewards] [PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more] [Friendly and active staff members that will listen to the community on each update] [Stable an...
Bienvenue sur shaiya iblis ☉ Shaiya Iblis: Ep 6.4 ☉ 3.PvP Areas: 15-30-70 ☉ GRB Schedule: Every Sunday 21PM ☉ EXP Rate: Boost level ☉ KILL Rate: x.3 ☉ NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv5 ☉ Donation Set PreLinked and Rerroled ☉ FREE 30 Day’s Consumables ☉ PvP,Farming and Boss Hunting ...
EP5 Pvp/Pvm
League Of Shaiya
1st 100% PVP private server ! Shaiya Ep 6.4, all items FREE, news gears, weaps, costumes, pets, wings,... U join game... and kill !
Shaiya Desire
Made with Love and Passion, Shaiya Desire is the Best Server. Old School PvP with new features! [Episode 5.0] [Custom Ranking System] [Daily PvP Quests] [Max Gears Lv65:69 Equipments, Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lv2] [NO Debuff] High uptime great support, Profesional server, Quality Gaming.
EP5 Pvp/Pvm
Shaiya - Eternia Games
[EG Shaiya Episode 8.1+] [XP Rate x50 Double on Weekends] [Easier Rare Drops for easier Grind] [Fully Updated: power pets, power costumes, latest skills, latest bosses, Quests for Wings] [Free Rewards: Vote For Us, Refeer System, Spin-It Wheel -Up to, get all your essensials FREE] [Active and Frien...