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GamezAION Full 7-0 Support Exp 200x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Many Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best World Wide PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, Long Term, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now
Perfect quality Euro server
New private Aion server! Ideal quality and maximum gameplay comfort. Participate in the PvP events of the server and get into the TOP list. New season brings new faces. All European players are here - Register now and receive rewards!
4.8 version - Regular Stigma system (no full skills), Free +15 Plumes, //add command, Vote system, Donate system, Working Webshop, Freefly addition, Free consumables, max crafting skills, active/friendly staff - Join us now!
Aion Legacy
Legacy 2.5 Server with manual entry. Request Form: Discord: How to Connect:
TheAion30 EN RU private Aion server
Free International private server Aion [3.0]. Classic PvE/PvP-server with rates [x1]. Live online 1300+ players. Play with us! Press it!
Aion Genesys
Exp:1000X, Drop:1000X, Quest:1000X, Kinah:750X, Abyss:25X, Crafting:250x, Gathering:300X, Max lvl:165, No Lag, Online Suport Ingame, growing community,all Quest Join Now
AionIS .AionIS PS
AionParty - game server X1 without new classes
Aionparty - X1 Aion server version 4.7.5. The latest, favorite version of the game. Here you can find everything we love about AION.
4.75 Oldschool
Mean's To End You
This teamspeak consist of a community with League Of Legend players , Aion and many more other games. New and friendly community come start up with us! IP: PORT:9987
Aion 3-9 Echoes Of The Past
EOTP is an Aion 3.9 private server We are focused on both PVP and PVE; we have a full content server and an active team working on improving the game every single day! We have plenty of features to offer you, and here\'s some of them *Instant level 60 *Free Level 40 abyss gear *In-gameshop with Kin...
The most notable shift to RuneScape includes a brand new
The most notable shift to RuneScape includes a brand new, re-designed user interface. The Backpack bar is gone, along with the icons now hug the bounds of whatever device you are currently playing on. The layout of the battle buttons have been enhanced, and that means you have less clutter in the wa...
3.0 Oldschool
DreamAion 58 Asia Aion Private Server
Asia server, full stigma skills, Webshop, vote system, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 6v6, Guardian Elyos, Guardian Asmo, 24/7 Support, Instant 75, Custom command drop system, Discord channel and more
AionAsia Aion Private Server with 4.0 full content. Dedicated server - Hongkong Mid Rate Kinah: 2x Drops: 3x AP: 1x Sell limit: x20 -Higher rates for VIP -Instant level 60 after Ascension quest The server also has a lot of exciting features, check the AionAsia Server Info page for more details. ...
4.0 PvPvE Mid Rate Fun
The first perfect quality free Aion server - GoldAion
Are you fed up with that extreme number of game bugs and endless promises from administration to fix them all? Or maybe with one-day servers, that promise you the pie in the sky? Join us and forget about all of this! You have never played on Aion private server of such quality and you will be pleas...
Der neue Deutsche Aion Online Server in der Version 5.8 und den Standard Rates f
Aion Pandemonia
Aion 4.75, All Free, Vote system, Sieges, Dredgions, Rifts, No premium, No P2W, many events. 24/7, Own upload, Strong server.
Aion RPG
[Aion][NA][EN] - Aion RPG Server - Open Beta - Custom Stats per Level - [XP Dynamic HR].
Aion Español Latinoamerica
Aion Argentina - Cliente en espa
4.75 PvPvE
Aion Sea
Aion Sea 4.6 PvP Server - PVP System -Auto LVL 65 -Free Gear + 15 -Free Scrolls and other -No Lagging