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Entropia - Lets Write a New Story
Entropia is a International Highrate / Hybrid Server with a experienced Team since 2012. We offer you regular updates with new features, content, events and more. Discover a lot of new content in Flyff and become a part of the community! English & German Support! Join us now!
V21 Multilanguage English German Experienced Team Hybrid / High-Rate Fast Support New Beginning Wipe Regular Updates No Pay-To-Win Custom Content & Features Farm Server Active Community
No wipe since 2014. High Rates. Over 2000 players online. Powerful Starter kit & Level-Up Rewards. Custom Colosseum. Custom Secret Room. Daily Events. Pet Filter. Party Finder. Transfer Awakening System. New Skills. New level Cap. New Upgrade Systems. Frequent Updates. Mounts & HD x64 version coming...
High Rate Guild Siege Active Community No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V21 2000 online players most live market in private servers colosseum
Forsaken FlyFF - Helden von Roika
Wir bieten als Highrate-/Hybrid Server seit über fünf Jahren regelmäßige Updates & Events an. Erhalte einzigartige Boni mit unseren Talente-System, schalte Erfolge frei und entdecke viele neue Inhalte. Werde Teil der Community und erhalte beim Start Geschenke zum schnellen Einstieg!
Hybrid / High Rate 5+ Jahre Online 1200+ täglich aktive Spieler V21 Farm-Server Aktives Team Schneller Support Viele Custom Inhalte und Features No Pay-To-Win Einsteigerfreundlich Regelmäßige Updates
Ignite Flyff - Cairos Dungeon now available
DPS Meter Invasion System No P2W FFA Farming Low Rate Friendly World Boss System
[ Wiped Server & Launched Nov. 17 ] Krona is based around creating the impossible. A multilingual server supporting English, French and German. The brand new Gunner class. Beautiful maps, worlds and costumes. Nobody has ever done it better than us. So what are you waiting for?
700+ Online High Rate Beginner Friendly Most Advanced Server German and French Support Recently Wiped Daily Siege World Bosses Autonomous Invasions Beautiful GUI Brand New Skills Gunner Class Tree Mechanical Dungeons Smart AI Bosses
Clockworks FlyFF - Mega Christmas Event Now Live
Clockworks FlyFF is a professional Mid-Rate server, run by a superb team of developers with several years of experience. We strive to create an amazing community, including balanced gameplay, great new items and awesome content. We can\'t wait for you to join!
Innovative No P2W Mid Rate Beginner Packages Nostalgic New & Exciting Content
Prologic Flyff
At ProLogic FlyFF - we offer PVP experience like no other. We have one of the most active/custom PK/FFA systems out there in addition to fair PVE System. This isn\'t a server where you must farm 24/7 to become maxed - our custom FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system enables you to get end game gear without the ...
V19 Old School Active PVP Begginner Items Custom PK Active PK No Farm 24/7 MultiLanguage Global PVP Mid Low Rate Friendly
Flyff Iblis
Low Rates: EXP 2x, PENYA 5x, DROP 2x Flyff\'s vanilla gameplay. \"Vanilla\" in the computer world means a basic version of something, without any special features or customisations (from its use for no-flavour ice cream). -Colin Fine Version History / Roadmap: v15 (2017), v16 (2018). No wipe histor...
v16 Low Rate V15 Old School Farm & Fun PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege
Antares Flyff
Antares Flyff is a new born mid rate server, with advanced features. Completely new UI, Offline Vendors, Improved Stability, Multi Language Client ( PT-BR and EN ), Rebalanced Classes by Community needs, fair vote system, and no pay 2 win!
Mid Rate Mid Rates GW Server Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V21
Fly For Sky
A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation shop, everyone is equal. Inventory Tabs. Max Level: 200. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Custom Skill Changes. Custom Worlds. Equipment Quality System - every item has 100+ variations. Glow Change Menu. Custom Quest...
Friendly Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Free To Win Inventory Tabs
Custom Content & Features | Custom PK | Custom Systems | Vote Rewards | Frequent Updates | No P2W | Farm & Fun | PvP | Low Rate
V15 Custom Systems Custom Content & Features Custom PK Custom Systems Vote Rewards Frequent Updates No P2W Farm & Fun PvP Farming Low Rate
AirFlyFF Latino
[CODIGO DE DISCORD: wxkE7f7] AirFlyFF [All Rates x5]. Traducido completamente para Latino América, GMs Activos de habla hispana. Flyff v16, Siege 3 veces a la semana, tenemos todas las misiones funcionando a la perfección y en español. Ademas el juego ira avanzando semana tras semana superando ve...
v16 Farming Server Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Active Community Vote Rewards Farming Low Rate Guild Siege
Legion Flyff - 4 New Continents In World Map
Legion Flyff - Fresh Midrate/Hybrid Server. Bored with old farming sites? Four new continents added to the world map and new monsters. Cool features such as sphere grid system, passive talent, card album, much more for you to discover. You can farm all the items ingame without spending a centavo. Yo...
Four New Continents Incoming 4th Job Card Album System Passive Skill Tree Macro Switch Gear Built Ingame New Dungeons And Bosses Farm Server No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Hunt and Farm Server Hybrid Server Fresh Server
A new server that f4s migrated to. Instant 150 Level. Guild Siege every 3 hours (3rounds), Guild Siege for low class type. Death Match War 2 sessions a day, Dota2 model, Perin Converter, Fast Awakening, Teleporting System, Glow Changer, Advanced Transfer Awakes. Fixed awakening like Str+511, Dex+511...
Dragon Cross Flyff Server - Multilanguage
Deutscher Flyff Pserver seit 2011 mit echtem Profession System (Angler, Schmied, Sammler, Händler & Pet Tamer)! 4.Jobklasse mit neuen Skills, echte Reit- und Flug Mounts, Modelviewer für Items, Pets und Mounts, Ftool Ingame und Systeme, die KEIN anderer Pserver hat, worauf wartest Du?
V22 Multilanguage Modelviewer Pets und Mounts Profession System Not Pay2win 4th Job Real Mounts Beginner Items Rebirth Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs
Saga Flyff-Revolution
V19 World Boss System High Rate Guild Siege Friendly Free For All Siege Free To Win PvP Fresh Server Advanced Features Farm-Server
Mazey Flyff
[Rates:9999 All][Balanced Classes][Max Level:175][Fashion Hide][Colosseum][Red Perin System][Revised Private Shops][Arena Scoreboard][Custom PvP Games][Fashion Combine][Item Linking][Max Awake:300][Awake Everything][Glow Changer][Model Change][Guild Siege Every 2 hours][Quick Teleport][95%+ of Usefu...
Spirit FlyFF - [Launched Sep 7th, 2018] - Low Rate
( Exp: x10 / Custom Penya & Drop Rate ) | Version 15 based with v19 features | Maximum Level 155 | Improved Graphics (HD) | High Quality Gaming | No Pay 2 Win, All items can be hunted | Reworked Dungeons to be worth the run | Increased Inventory Space | Custom farmable currencies to purchase powerfu...
Guild Siege Low Rate Custom Systems No Pay to Win Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Most Advanced Server Multilanguage Old School Active Community Fresh Server PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege World Boss System
Demian FlyFF
Demian FlyFF is a new HIGHRATE Server opened 09/07/2018 with high user activity! Discover a new Flyff experience and enter the world of DEMIAN FLYFF! All Rates: 10000x -- NO PAY TO WIN! - DAILY GUILD SIEGE - A NEW LEVEL SYSTEM - MAX LEVEL 175 - V21 FEATURES - EXTENDED INVENTORY - IMPROVED INGAME GRA...
Farm Server Custom Systems All Versions No Pay to Win Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems Active Discord V21 High Rate
NEW SERVER 2019!!! EXP: 75, PENYA: 100, DROP: Custom- Community Day Events! - IG Donate Coupon Farmen! - Anarchysystem - Lord System 7 Tage - MonsterBuffs - ServerBuffs - PartyBuffs - PlayerBuffs - VoteBuff - AzriaGiants für erstes EQ - Neues Waffensystem - 3x GuildWar - Secret-Room Belohnungen - ...
Vote Rewards Custom Systeme Free Starting Gear Fun Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Mid Low Rate Friendly
Almighty FlyFF - Release Friday 7h of December
[No P2W] [Donate Farming Ingame] [Best Lowrate Server in Europe] [Real Mounts] [Auctionhouse] [Tabbed Inv] [Gear Score] [Epic Dungeon System] [Modern Teleporter] [Many official FlyFF bug fixes] [Daily & Weekly Quest] [Custom Systems] [Fresh Server] [Final Version]. Version: v19 Level-Cap: 135-H, 3r...
Beginner Friendly Macro Switch Gear Built Ingame FTool Lowrate Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V19 Custom Systems No P2W Best Lowrate Server in Europe Tabbed Inv Auctionshouse Fresh Server Donate Farming Ingame Real Mounts Beginner Items World Boss System
Siege FlyFF V18
We are back, stronger than ever before! High rate server EXP 9000 PENYA 3000 DROP 1000 , With our NEW AND CUSTOM MOUNT SYSTEM we will give you an improved Flyff experience! We offer a lot of custom content; maps, weapons, jewelry , pets and more! With weekly updates and as a growing server, we welco...
High Rate
Mighty Flyff [Open Beta] [Open Beta] [Mid-Rate] [Farm Server] [Custom Systems: Teleporter, Party Finder, Dungeon Tokens, New Dungeons, New Maps, New Upgrades, Badge System, Alchemy, Server Buffs, Boss Tokens] [Looking for Beta Testers!]
Active Discord V15 V19 Old Interface Custom Content & Features Custom Systems Vote Rewards Old School No P2W Fresh Server Mid Rate Donate Farming Ingame Farming
HIGH RATES SERVER HP up to 100b Mount System Red chips drop event x5 For newbie reward Active Guild war Everyday Active Siege Everyday Active Secret Room Everyday All items are huntable Perin/RC/RP (NO DONATE ITEMS) Balanced Gameplay Global Flyff since 2016 Server Features? Rarity (x5 Lines) Aut...
High Rate Hybrid / High Rate Farming Server Farm to Win Server Active PVP V15 V19 V20 multilanguage Custom Models Über 1200 aktive Spieler Farm & Fun PvP FFA Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege High Rate
Flyff Brazuca
[Exp: 150x / Drop: 70x / Penya: 500x] [Max Level 150] [v16 + v17 Itens e Mapas] [Armas Lvl 135+] [Refinar/Perfurar +Fácil] [24/7 Servidor Dedicado Sem Lag] [NPC Troca de Classe] [Guild Sieges] [Fashions no NPC] [Buff Pang Editado] [Traduzido p/ BR] [Muitos Eventos]
Green FlyFF
Green FlyFF is a balanced server that provides a v20 experience, We bring Equality to all Players,classes both PVE and PVP. Server\'s mission is to provide quality and fair gaming to all players who joins the community.
High Rate Mid Rate No Pay to Win V20 Frequent Events Active PVP Active Community Vote Rewards Friendly Community Beginner Items Free For All Siege Guild Siege
Forgotten Heroes
We reworked the Colosseum - Enlarged Inventory - Fast SellBuy - New Wing SFX - Guild Buff - Weapon Rarity - Online Bonus - MVP Title - Pet EXP from Monster - Auto Penya Pickup - Job Monster Wikipedia - VIP System - Drop Log - Fast Jobchange - Buyback - Auto Shout - World Boss - Item Link - Model C...
Symphony FlyFF - [RELEASE ON SEPTEMBER 15, 2018]
Symphony FlyFF is a balanced server that provides a v19 experience, We bring Equality to all Players,classes both PVE and PVP. The server aims to provide world class gaming to every player who will join the community. We can’t wait for you to join!.
V19 Farm Server Custom Systems Vote Rewards Friendly Community Fresh Server Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Free To Win Guild Siege High Rate
Galaxy Flyff [International High Rate Fun Server]
Fast Client Download 400MB Only,Fresh Server, 99 Perins Voting Rewards,Hi Stated Free Weapons+400 to 500 STATS, Balance Hi Rate Awakes, Fashions etc at NPC, All Items can be hunt, High Awakes, High EXP rates, Fashion Combine System, Auto Convert Penya to Perin, Transfer Awake System, Auto Job No nee...
Dragon Crusade - Deutscher Low Rate Server
Deutscher Low-Rate Server 20/20/20 - 3RD Job Klassen - Geniales Gameplay - Keine Laggs - Custom V19 - Super Team - Vote Geschenke - viele Events! - 3x GW in der Woche - 24h Online! - Bester Low Rate Server - Petfilter - Daily Dungeon - 5x Neue Dungeons - Quests 2.0 - Item Browser System - Monster Bu...
Custom Systems No Pay to Win Lowrate Best Lowrate Server in Europe Low Rate
Blazing Flyff
New Custom Flyff V19 Server See you ingame...
Arsenal FlyFF
Welcome to Arsenal FlyFF Newly Created Server that will officially launch this January 15. 2019. A server in between PVP and PVE , Farm your way to the top All items are huntable farmable no need to donate
V19 High Rate Guild Siege Friendly Free To Win Rebirth Donate Farming Ingame Farm & Fun
Shade of Fantasy
[New Server!] [EXP 200x] [Drop 60x] [Penya 75x] [World Bosses] [Pet Model Change] [BattleGround] [Guildbuffs] [Custom Maps/Dungeons] [Rebirth] [Rarity] [Extended Inventory] [many more Features] [Join now!]
V19 No Pay-To-Win Active Community Custom Systems Mid Rate Farming Guild Siege
CyclopsFlyff is a low-rate server. V15 with V16-V21 Additions. User-Friendly. BUG FREE AND STABLE!! Client modifications for stability. Active developers.
Guild Siege Friendly Active PK Beginner Packages
Gama Flyff Sea
We are happy to present our new Flyff serve, with active GMs,[Max Level 150] [3rd Job] [Custom Systems] [EXPx250] [PENYAx250] [CUSTOM DROP] In addition, the game promises improvements, adding items and worlds to have fun.
Guild Siege Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord V15 Active Community Vote Rewards No P2W Fun Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege Guild Siege
Nostalgia Flyff
[Servidor Brasileiro] [Rates Exp - 20x / Drop - 30x / Penya - x50] [Level Máx. 200] [Versão v20 + Custom] [Armas e Armaduras Nv, +155] [Comunidade Ativa] [Servidor Farm/NoPay2Win] [Textura em Desenho] [Guild Sieges] [Traduzido para PT-BR] [Venha Reviver bons momentos].
V21 V20 Custom Systems Lowrate Active Community Guild Siege Friendly Low Rate Farming FFA Fun
Angelic Flyff v19
We come to the new world of fun . Angelic Flyff v19 is the full HIGH RATE server With Rate Exp x 1000 Drop x 300 Penya x 1000 Full Custom map . Fully Edited Skills. Unique Game Play. And A Fast Growing Community .Come And Join Us HAVE FUN!
Beginner Friendly Incoming 4th Job Hybrid / High Rate Guild Siege Farming Server Farm to Win Server Custom PK Most Advanced Server V19
Blazing Flyff
Try it and Love it!
V19 Multilanguage Custom Systems Farming Server Custom Systems Mid Rate Guild Siege Farm Server New Dungeons And Bosses Not Pay2win Free To Win Massig Inhalte & neue Features Mid Rate - Farm Server
Royal FlyFF
Royal FlyFF is a full v21 Low-Rate Private Server, offering you an authentic and official-like gameplay experience of FlyFF, without any p2w. We\'re launching our project soon! Join us on our Discord to follow us through our development and participate in the beta-tests.
V21 Launching soon Official Files Farming Low Rate Active Staff Long-Term Project No P2W Retail Experience
EnchantedFlyFF Mid Rate PVP/Guild Siege Server. 750 EXP , 500 PENYA, 250 DROP. Custom RC shops, Custom NPCs, Online rewards event, FFA Siege with rewards. NO IMBALANCE, vote and item mall the same!! JOIN NOW!
Quest Online FlyFF
Quest Online FlyFF v15 is the leading Fly For Fun, private server in Philippines. Farming/Guild Siege/ GW and PVP stands in the foreground.MidrateS EXP.999,DROP.100,PENYA.300/No Pay2Win come and join now!
Dope Flyff Return
Dope Flyff aims to provide long term server to the community. Fun, Active Community, High Rate/Statted Server, Free Server that focuses to provide the best of Flyff gaming. Farming is a big word in the server. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as you jo...
Mid Rate Farm to Win Server Active Discord V19 Farm Server Discord Integration Vote Rewards Mechanical Dungeons PvP Free To Win Mid Low Rate Guild Siege
Smoke Flyff
NEW and FRESH Server - FLYFF ,All Items are Farm/Obtain Ingame!, Lots of Endgame Item, Weapons, Armor Options [Farm or RC in NPC], Giants Random Drop System Including Custom Items, Weekly Events, Supportive, Friendly and Active Staffs. Join Us Now!
DPS Meter CustomSystems Friendly Community Old School Farm & Fun Mid Rate Real Mounts Free To Win
Humid FlyFF [High Rate] Bringing you the ultimate FlyFF experience! Our goal is set to be the most helpful we can be towards our playerbase. With daily events and rewards from our professional, well trained and hand picked staff, we are giving you the optimal drive to be a part of the amazing community we have. Join now!
Wingmasks Custom Items Beginner Items Farming Server Farm to Win Server Old School Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems Active Discord Multilanguage V15 V17 Glows Active Community Discord Integration Custom Systems Frequent Updates Free Starting Gear Farming Friendly High Rate
Everest Flyff
Come Join us, Friendly staff and gms all rates are 250x
Hardcore Flyff
We are on Open Beta, October 26, 2018. We offer you a classic gameplay of flyff, no over edit of items and stats. We added only systems that are needed like Party Finder, Teleport System, Pet Filter, Model Change, Wiki System, Auto Job Change and Few more. Max Level is 129 with only 2nd Job. Classic...
V15 Open Beta Active Community No P2W Low Rate Beginner Items Guild Siege Friendly Low Rate Beginner Items Fun Vote Rewards Not Pay2win
[New Server] Inside Five
[German and English Server] [3RD Job Klassen] [Donate & Vote Geschenke] [viele Events] [GWS] [24h Online!] [Petfilter] und mehr Spiel kostenlos! Inside Five - Flyff ist ein alt bekannter erfolgreicher Deutscher Server , mit einer Hervorragender Community , welche im Jahr 2012 mehr als 200 aktive s...
V21 Neue Systeme Massig Custom Features Farm & Fun Friendly Guild Siege
Cloud Flyff Online
A server specially built for all types of players, a low rate server that not so hard to be played and farm, but there still challenges offered to make our community alive and long lasting.
Sentinel FlyFF
Server Rates: EXP: 50x DROP: 100x PENYA: 200x Sentinel FlyFF is a Classic Server with awesome features, providing a top quality flyff gameplay experience!
Active Discord Custom Systems Begginner Items Farm to Win Server No P2W English World Boss System Mid Rate Beginner Packages
Arsaniann World
Arsaniann est un offi-like nouvellement relancé par son administrateur Aluna, relativement basique mais avec de nombreuses nouveautés! Les rates sont officielles mais la montée des niveaux est jalonnée de quêtes qui en plus de l\'expérience vous offrent de l\'équipement! De plus, les administ...
V15 No P2W Farming Low Rate Old School