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Chronicle FlyFF is a mid rate server, designed for players looking to regain the fun they had to play FlyFF years ago

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Eclipse FlyFF
Welcome to the sequel of the wildly popular Eclipse FlyFF! Come embrace the greatness in a fully translated English, German or French experience! Filled with nostalgia and hundreds of unique players from all around the globe, Eclipse is back in the FlyFF scene, bigger than ever!
No Pay to Win V21 Most Advanced Server Hybrid Mounts Balanced PvP Classic & Custom Dungeons Hero Grade System Equalized PvP at Level 1 Beautiful GUI Tabbed Inventory Daily Quests Active Community World Boss System
Forsaken FlyFF - Clockworks Prüfung
Wir bieten als deutschsprachiger Highrate-/Hybrid Server seit über sechs Jahren regelmäßige Updates & Events an. Erhalte einzigartige Boni mit unseren Talente-System, schalte Erfolge frei und entdecke viele neue Inhalte. Jetzt mitspielen und Starter-Items zum schnellen Einstieg erhalten!
Über sechs Jahre lang online Deutschsprachige Community Hybrid / High Rate 1200+ täglich aktive Spieler V21 Farm-Server Aktives Team Schneller Support Viele Custom Inhalte und Features No Pay-To-Win Einsteigerfreundlich Regelmäßige Updates
Clockworks Flyff Seasons NOW LIVE A Fresh Start! Clockworks FlyFF is a Mid-Rate server with a newly evolved expansion and Seasonal cluster. Seasons allow you to enjoy character progression time and time again with hundreds of changes including new tier systems, achievements, dungeons, weapons and more! Join today!
Seasons Active PvP & PvE Frequent Updates & Events Quality of Life Systems Innovative Advanced Features Mid Rate Beginner Items Farming
Emerald Flyff [Road to Hero Expansion now live]
Emerald Flyff is a mix between classic nostalgic gameplay and renewed features & Quality of Life updates. Experience our unique Quests and Faction System with freshened up skills for all classes while dealing with Giants and classic dungeons!
English Faction System Quality of Life Systems New Server PvE Updated Classes Custom Dungeons No P2W Mid Low Rate
Flyff Iblis Low Rates: EXP 2x, PENYA 5x, DROP 2x Flyff\'s vanilla gameplay. \"Vanilla\" in the computer world means a basic version of something, without any special features or customisations (from its use for no-flavour ice cream). -Colin Fine Version History / Roadmap: v15 (2017), v16 (2018). No wipe histor...
v16 Low Rate V15 Fun PvP Beginner Items Farming Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege Farm & Fun Old School
Entropia - The Kingdom of Madrigal Entropia is a International Highrate / Hybrid Server with a experienced Team since 2012. We offer you regular updates with new features, content, events and more. Discover a lot of new content in Flyff and become a part of the community! English & German Support! Join us now!
Deutsch English Active Community V21 Experienced Team Hybrid / High-Rate Fast Support Regular Updates No Pay-To-Win Custom Content & Features Farm Server Active Community
Insanity Best MMORPG 2020 Are you tired of old and broken game mechanics, inactive servers and staff members ? Are you tired of rusty game content without any further updates and fixes? Then you should absolutely check out our server. We’re not just the oldest private server. Insanity MMORPG has the biggest community, the ...
High Rate No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Custom Systems
Spirit FlyFF - [Launched Sep 7th, 2018] - Mid Rate
Spirit FlyFF 2.0 is ran by staff and players who are tired of being treated badly by staff and owners on other servers, tired of our favorite servers closing down. Players and staff are here to create their dream server together. A classic FlyFF experience with an old school playstyle and custom con...
Guild Siege Mid Rate Custom Systems No Pay to Win Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Most Advanced Server Multilanguage Old School Active Community Fresh Server PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege World Boss System
AirFlyFF Latino
[CODIGO DE DISCORD: wxkE7f7] AirFlyFF [All Rates x5] Servidor Traducido completamente para Latino América, GMs Activos de habla hispana. Flyff v19 Siege diarias, Sistema PvP FFA Cada 4 Horas, [Max Nivel 155][3er Job][Farm ítems Premium][PetFiltro][DropLogs][PartyFinder][Tema Gold]. Eventos Constan...
Latino Monturas Farming Server Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord V19 Active Community Vote Rewards Farming Low Rate Guild Siege
Boss FlyFF - [SG Server Host] Launched March 2020
Boss Flyff is a free to play V20 [Theme Gold and Taskbar v15] Midrate Server that offers awesome content and exciting features, a farm to win server with balance and fair gameplay. All items can be aquired ingame and we provide real cash prizes for Guild Siege tournaments! What are you waiting for?...
Balanced Server Guild Siege Mid Rate Custom Systems Active Community No Pay to Win Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord V20 Active Community Discord Integration Not Pay2win Vote Rewards Mid Rate - Farm Server Mid Rate Real Mounts Rebirth Friendly Guild Siege
Nanus FlyFF v21 Full Custom Server Nanus FlyFF v21 GIving you a chance to play a fresh vanilla with custom graphics server . Lot of new and unseen gameplay at all private server .
Experienced Team elitepvpers exclusive models Hybrid / High Rate Farm to Win Server Custom Systems V21 Long-Term Project Custom Fashions Active Community Frequent Updates Friendly Guild Siege High Rate World Boss System
Get Ready to Play Big in a New Adventure
We have one of the most active FFA/GS systems out there in addition to fair PVE System. This isn\'t a server where you must farm 24/7 to become maxed - our custom FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system enables you to get end game gear without the hassle of having to stop at a certain level, donate large amounts,...
V19 Old School Active PVP Begginner Items MultiLanguage Not Pay2win Farming Free For All Siege Mid Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege
Dragon Crusade - City of Gods We are an international Low Rate server. Play now in English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. We offer you a professional team with many years of experience since 2009. Experience a completely new continent and explore its dungeons. Increase your rank and become the strongest player...
Experienced Team Guild Siege Low Rate Farming Server Custom Systems Active Discord Multilanguage V21 English Long-Term Project Nostalgic German and French Support Regular Updates Frequent Events Low Rate World Boss System
Vanilla Flyff
Server Features: •Experience-25x •Penya-25x •Item-10x •Custom Gian drop • Resize-able Inventory with 168 Slots • Teleporter, Pet Filter, Party Finder • Wikipedia for Items • Wikipedia for Monsters • Wikipedia for Jobs • Ingame Model Viewer (Shift+Double Click) • Automatic Job C...
V15 V19 Active Staff Friendly Community flyff Old School Fresh Server Farming Free To Win Mid Low Rate Guild Siege
V19 Farm-Server Advanced Features Fresh Server PvP Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly Guild Siege High Rate World Boss System
Dragon Cross Flyff Pserver - Multilanguage
Flyff Pserver seit 2011 mit Profession System und neue 4. Jobklasse mit neuen Skills, die kein anderer Pserver besitzt! Einzigartige Systeme wie das Auktionshaus, Tabbed Inventory und echte Mounts sind bei uns selbstverständlich, ebenfalls Multilanguage (Englisch & Deutsch) Sprachunterstützung!
V22 Multilanguage Auktionshaus Modelviewer Pets und Mounts Profession System Not Pay2win 4th Job Real Mounts Beginner Items Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs
Mystic FlyFF
[Rates: 2500x Exp, 300x Drop, 1000xGold;][v21][100 Player Rebirths][Daily Siege][Premium][Custom Awakes][Custom Buffs][All CS In NPC][Events Everyday][Custom Maps][Always Updating][Petfilter][OneClickJobs][Player Color System][Level Rewards][Online Time Rewards][Join Today!!!!]
High Rate Frequent Sieges New Dungeons And Bosses Beginner Items Farming Server Friendly Custom Systems Active Discord V20
LIVE - Alpha Centauri Flyff - Low-Mid Rate - No-Pay-to-Win
[50x Exp, 50x Drop, 65x Penya] Alpha Centaury Flyff is a community Driven server, we have started with a near vanilla server that we wish to add to and complete over time with the help and suggestions of players. We didn\'t want to start our journey with a complete, bloated server, we want to ensure...
V15 V19 V20 Custom Systems Frequent Updates Farm & Fun Free Starting Gear Inventory Tabs Friendly Nostalgic No Pay to Win #Daily & Weekly Quets
Dope Flyff There are 7 new maps, the tickets can be obtained via level up or in NPC at Deathmatch and Mount Shop. Deathmatch is every 4 hours, so you have 6 chances a day to get a ticket from Deathmatch NPC. The rest of the tickets can be obtained by Perin at MountShop or as a level up reward. The server\'s...
Not Pay2win New Dungeons And Bosses Farming Server Custom Systems Active Discord Most Advanced Server V19 V20 V21 V20 multilanguage New Server Farm Server No P2W Custom Systeme PvP Farming Free To Win High Rate
Berserk FlyFF
Best Guild Siege Server. Balanced gameplay like no other! Dungeons & hunting of gears with the most fun of attaining drops! Active and very community loving staff. This is the best version 17 as of now and no one can beat us. Low latency server, no delays are going to happen. Ultra compressed client...
V17 PvP & PvM Orientated Siege Server Old School Mid Rate Beginner Items
Ignite Flyff
Welcome to Ignite Flyff! We are a low-rate classic Flyff server with many QoL improvements. 130H level cap with future content expansions. Join us for an old school experience. Where else can you slain Ivilis Leanes for goodies?
QoL on mass Experienced Team Beginner Friendly Low Rate Active Community Custom Systems Multilanguage
[NewServer] V15 FlyForDreams
New Server V15 with Mid Rates Custom Collector, Siege every day, Party Finder, Pet Filter, Teleporter, Perin Converter, Quick Job Changer Permanently Lvl Reward Get in on this new Flyff adventure and have fun!!!
Mid Rate No P2W Old School V15 No Pay-To-Win Vote Rewards Old School Fun Beginner Items Friendly
Flyff Novo Mundo
Servidor Brasileiro de Flyff ! vários sistemas customizados como: Vendedor Offline, Macro, Power Ups Automáticos entre outros.. Venha Conferir !!
V20 multilanguage No Pay to Win Custom Systems #Mid Rate Guild Siege Farming
Ecliptic Flyff
Ecliptic flyff V15 - v21 system Fresh server Farm to win server Friendly community Obtainable donate items in game High stats No pay to win High rate Active staff Teleport system Pet filter Cooldown timer Everyday event Gameplay like no other servers have. Come join us for new exciting adventure h...
Farm Server Beginner Friendly Farm to Win Server Friendly Custom Systems V15 V21 New Beginning Farming High Rate
World FlyFF
Conquer the skies in World Flyff, the anime-style MMORPG. Discover the mythical world of Madrigal together with players all around the world. Prevail against the many dangers of this magical place, where hordes of monsters and exciting adventures await you!
Mid Rate No Pay to Win V21 Frequent Events Active PVP Active Community Vote Rewards Friendly Community Beginner Items Free For All Siege Guild Siege
Galaxy Flyff [International High Rate Fun Server] Fast Client Download 400MB Only,Fresh Server, 99 Perins Voting Rewards,Hi Stated Free Weapons+400 to 500 STATS, Balance Hi Rate Awakes, Fashions etc at NPC, All Items can be hunt, High Awakes, High EXP rates, Fashion Combine System, Auto Convert Penya to Perin, Transfer Awake System, Auto Job No nee...
Conqueror FlyFF - PvP Old School Server Century FlyFF is a Old School PvP Server with alot of features : Siege every 30min , Instant Level max UP!, No awake / percing / upgrade!! no farm all items in inventory !! RC Shop with custom items!! GW 99lives every Saturday!! What you are waiting for? Join Conqueror FlyFF and Enjoy the nostalgie...
No Pay to Win GW Every 30min High Rate Guild Siege
Cloud Flyff Online
A server specially built for all types of players, a low rate server that not so hard to be played and farm, but there still challenges offered to make our community alive and long lasting.
Angelic Flyff v19
We come to the new world of fun . Angelic Flyff v19 is the full HIGH RATE server With Rate Exp x 1000 Drop x 300 Penya x 1000 Full Custom map . Fully Edited Skills. Unique Game Play. And A Fast Growing Community .Come And Join Us HAVE FUN!
Beginner Friendly Incoming 4th Job Hybrid / High Rate Guild Siege Farming Server Farm to Win Server Custom PK Most Advanced Server V19
Revolution Flyff The server is Play To win exp 20x Drop 100x Penya 40x Fashions/Weapons/Pets And alot of stuff! Join today And play with people around the world (GOOD PEOPLE) :) Events All few days.
V19 V15
Play For Fun Flyff International Private Server
Play For Fun Flyff (International Private Server) is an English Server. But Everyone is welcome to play with us. We won\'t tolerate any hatred attitudes in our gaming community. The game is base on farming, PvP, and custom base systems to make everyone have fun. If everyone has suggestions to make t...
English Farm Server Guild Siege All Versions Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win Most Advanced Server Active Community All Versions Vote Rewards Mid Rate - Farm Server Free To Win Friendly Guild Siege
Ominence Flyff
Hello Flyffers, Conquer the skies in Ominence FlyFF, the anime-style MMORPG. Discover the mythical world of Madrigal together with hundreds of players all around the world. Prevail against the many dangers of this magical place, where hordes of monsters and exciting adventures awaits you!
Hybrid / High Rate Farm Server Guild Siege All Versions No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Friendly Custom Systems Hunt and Farm Server Custom Content & Features Active Community Custom Systems Fresh Server Fun Donate Farming Ingame Rebirth FFA High Rate
Arsaniann World
Arsaniann est un offi-like nouvellement relanc
V15 No P2W Farming Low Rate Old School
Mighty Flyff [Released Jan 10] Mighty Flyff offers a gameplay experience like never seen before: Exclusive and unique loot system, custom character progression and a reworked leveling experience. A big variety of activities at every level won\'t get you bored ever! Expect weekly events, a bunch of giveaways and constant updates t...
English Custom Systems Old Interface Fast Support Daily Quests Vote Rewards Frequent Updates Fresh Server FFA Farming Low Rate Free To Win
[New Server] Inside Five
[German and English Server] [3RD job classes] [Donate & Vote gifts] [many events] [GWS] [24h online!] [Petfilter] and more game for free! Inside Five - Flyff is a well-known successful German server, with an excellent community, which in 2012 more than 200 active players
Fly For Sky
A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation shop, everyone is equal. Inventory Tabs. Max Level: 200. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Custom Skill Changes. Custom Worlds. Equipment Quality System - every item has 100+ variations. Glow Change Menu. Custom Quest...
Friendly Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Free To Win Inventory Tabs
Flyff Brazuca [Exp: 150x / Drop: 70x / Penya: 500x] [Max Level 150] [v16 + v17 Itens e Mapas] [Armas Lvl 135+] [Refinar/Perfurar +F
Ryzenflyff Free to play farm to win server Welcome to Ryzen Flyff ✔ High rate server [ Penya Custom | Drop Custom | Exp Custom ] ✔Fresh server ✔Balance gaming ✔Friendly community ✔Resize Character ✔Wikipedia ✔Guild Buffs ✔Pet Filter ✔Active guild siege ✔ Active Secret room every sunday ✔...
V20 V21 Farming Friendly Guild Siege High Rate
[CLOSED BETA][DE]Exp:10--Drop:Custom--Penya:50--Equipment Aufwerten--Neues Sockelsystem--Custom Maps--7Tage LordWahl+Serverbuffs--Dropbare Awakes--Random CS--AutoPickup--IngameGuide&Wiki;--Custom Skills--MonsterBuffs--PvE&PvP; eingebunden!--GW--Aktives Team!-- Joint unserem Discord und ihr bekommt n...
V19 V15 Farming Server Low Rate Farm Server New Dungeons And Bosses Custom Skills World Boss System German Custom system Mid Low Rate
Island Flyff
Low / Mid rate server, Custum Rates, no pay to win,join this new adventure and make our community allive
V20 Donate Farming Ingame Real Mounts Mid Low Rate Friendly
Zodiac Flyff International Server
[Rates: 10000x Exp, 1000x Drop, 5000x Gold][Mid Rate][V18][No Pay to Win][Farm to Win][Secured and Stable][Active Community][PvE/PvP Server][Custom Systems][Custom Models][VIP System][Rebirth System (30)][Rebirth Rewards][Level Up Rewards][Daily Siege][Daily Events][Fresh Server]
Rebirth for End Items English World Boss System Custom Systems Mid Rates GW Server Rarity System Active PvP & PvE colosseum Mid Rate FFA Guild Siege
Cricket Flyff
Cricket Flyff v15. * Brand new server. * Hamachi server. * Guild Siege server. - 99 lives to reduce boredom. * 50 max awake(30% HP, MP, ATK)
PlayPark Fly for fun
PlayPark Flyff goal is to bring back the old day of playing So what are you waiting for join now
Old School V5 Multilanguage V15 V19 V20 V21 Frequent Updates Friendly Community Old School Low Rate
Tempest Flyff
[ New Crafting] [Unique Features] Custom Build Interface /( has a unique with gold interface, sleek and neat / own own concept ) /Custom buttons for the new UI /Animated Login ( fully reconstructed with custom animations ) /Full Character view in Character Selection ( including weapons / no weird bo...
Farm Server High Rate World Boss System Not Pay2win Active Community Farm to Win Server Begginner Items Friendly V19 V20 No P2W High Rate World Boss System
Abaddon Flyff
Wellcome To Abaddon Flyff. Curently in alpha! Stay tuned.
V19 Active Discord Custom Items Autonomous Invasion System Mid Low Rate Free To Win Inventory Tabs Donate Farming Ingame Fresh Server 4th Job Vote Rewards Team & Solo Play Long-Term Project Frequent Updates & Events
Dragon Cross Lowrate Flyff Pserver
Als einziger Flyff Pserver seit 2011 haben wir echte Reit- und Flug Mounts, die sich nicht statisch durch die Gegend buggen, sondern richtig animiert wurden! Wir haben ein Auktionshaus, welches KEIN anderer Pserver besitzt, wir bieten das Tabbed Inv, 3D Custom Maps, Waffen und Monster, eine 4. Jobkl...
Lowrate Multilanguage V21 Real Fly Mounts Blackmarket Not Pay2win Vote Rewards Tabbed Inv 4th Job Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Guild Siege
V20 multilanguage Mid Rate
Gala Flyff New Era [International Highrate Fun Server]
Guild Siege Every 3 Hours, Free Mounts, V21 Weapons, V21 Armors at NPC, Custom Models, Free Wing Masks, Farm and Siege Server, Yggdrasil Cave, Chips, 250 - 300 stats awakes, Mask and Accessories can be Awaken.
V20 Active Discord Farming Server Beginner Items World Boss System High Rate FFA Real Mounts
Meteonyker FlyFF BETA
v16 Farm Server Low Rate No P2W Open Beta No Pay to Win Begginner Items V15 Frequent Updates Fresh Server Fun PvP Guild Siege