Forsaken World Private Servers

Forsaken World private servers ranked by most popular.

Nightshade Forsaken World
Nightshade Forsaken World - NEW, HOT, FREE-TO-PLAY / Dysils Wrath / PvE + PvP Realms / All Instances / Revamped Instances / World Bosses / 10x Quest EXP / 10x Monster EXP / 150,000 Leaves Daily / Active Players + Guilds / Working Bases / Growing Economy / Custom Items + More
LMS Forsaken World - Dysils Wrath
High rates PvP and Pve realms. Alot of customizations, easy gameplay. All Instance Working PvP Flag lvl 60 Newbie Starter Pack! Free cash shop. Come join the fun!
Forsaken World Dark Universe
Versão : [email protected] - Rate Baixa Level Max: 45 / \"Liberado Tempo em Tempo\" Exp: 5x Alma: 2x Moeda: 65% Drops: 50%
CyberWarsX Forsaken World
Forsaken World Private Server V.496
Forsaken World Free PvP server
- Quick Start and lots of various bonuses! - 50 level and Arena Sets at start! - Easy farm of gold coins, skills and fortification! - Plenty of FREE latest fashion sets, pets, mounts! - Easy leveling of game “Jobs”!