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Pirates Online [Cloud Sea] NEW SERVER
Pirates Online is Proud to announce that we will be opening a 2nd brand new isle on June 28th 2019! Join now to join the most massive tales of pirates community around!
MaPko Online With Royal Pass
Tales of pirates server with new features, Max Level 130, Max Pet Level 200, Max Rebirth 4, Beast system, New Balanced system, New Classes, New Maps, New Monsters, New Items, Active System, Global Market, More to see come join now and enjoy the new era.
Pirates Online - Tales of Pirates Remake
Pirates online is a massive online pirate adventure game based of the original game Tales of pirates. If you want to relive some of your old memories, check this server out!
Eternal Pirates Online
Welcome to Eternal Pirates Online! 20x Solo 25x party 3600x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly And Nice GMs, Events Weekly. Come Join Us Now!! New Class Balances! New Maps! New Bosses! New Quests! Max level is 120! 4th Rebirth System! Awesome Apparels! A bunch of PvP Aren...
Rage of Sage Online
8 years running! No Wipes! No Resets! 20x Solo 25x Party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, New Class Balances! New Maps! New Bosses! New Quests! Max level is now 175! 4th Rebirth System! Awesome Apparels! A bunch of PvP Arenas! Brand New Skills! New...
Tales of Pirates MMORPG,
Dungeon Pirates Online
New 2018 server, exclusive systems like deploying bombs, Being a pokemon master, Ranking of the top players in each map PK, NPC showing Status of Boss, New quests, New Maps, New Apareals,Vote System, Referral System, 24/7, No Lag and much more ... All thi
TalesMania - Online
Easy server, very fun and with lots of PK! Exp 18x Solo, 20x Party! News Maps, New Apps, New Weapons, Gems, e much more. Come and see the wonderful and incredible world of TalesMania.
age of pirates
Tales Of Pirates Private Server Growing up everyday with Experienced GM, Vote For rewards, new maps, Quests, Towers system and Many New Unique Features.
Tales of Pirates
Tales of Pirates Mobile Private Server
Tales of Pirates First Mobile Private Server Exp Rate 15x Party Rate 20x Drop Rate 10x Fairy Rate 100x
Cursed Pirates Online
Rates: Medium Blacksmith: 100% Max Lv Gens: 1-4 ( For 15 Days ) Drop Rate: 30x Player Enter Lv Max Fairy-Growth: 2000x Lv Max PeT: 60 Website = http://cursed-pirates.online Discord = https://discordapp.com/invite/agfVpJq PT. Sejam bem vindos ao mais novo server de tales of pirates espero que você...
Tales of Pirates Global of Pirates, MMORPG,
Dreamville Online
Medium/PK Server Type Active GM Weekly-Monthly Updates Discord Managed In-game Shop Store Offline Stall More information provided in Discord.
Tales of Pirates
League of Pirates Online
[New Unique System] - [PvE, PvM, PvP and Raids] - [PvP Mode Everywhere] - [New Daily Quests] - [New In-Game Commands] - [Max Level 135] - [Max Pet Lvl 52] - [4x Drop Rate] - [15x Solo Exp] - [20x Party Exp] - [400x Fairy Growth] - [Gem Bank] - ALOT MORE AWAITS YOU! Join us right now!
MMORPG, Tales of Pirates
PayBack Pirates
_Exp Solo = 3 _Party = 5 _Drop = 2 _Pet Growth = 1 _Ship = 5
Corsairs Online - Tales of Pirates Remake
Pirates seeking for greatest treasure of all once hid by King of Pirates, Corsairs Online is MMORPG world filled with various events and historic tales about beyond one\'s wildest dreams treasure lost. Awaiting to be found and redeemed by next King of Pirates to restore the glory days!
Tales of Pirates Global of Pirates, MMORPG, JOGOS ONLINE,
Origami Project
Welcome to new medium-fun server of ToP! Toooo much fun for you and your friend!
old style,low rates, good pk,new textures
Tales of Pirates Classic
JOGOS ONLINE, MMORPG, Tales of Pirates
King Pirate Online - Worldwide classic server
Meet the classic game server Tales of Pirates from the experienced developers. King Pirate Online is an interantional server with support for English, Russian and, partly, Spanish. Start version is 1.35. Nothing extra, just classic.
Kraken Online
Kraken Online is a new game server game Tales of Pirates Here you can get unforgettable emotions, along with your friends For you, we have prepared a lot of interesting things! Server Rates: 3x Exp Solo, 4x Exp Party, 2x Drop, 5x Pet Growth. Join us now!
JOGOS ONLINE, MMORPG, Global of Pirates, Tales of Pirates
Server Rates: HAMACHI SERVER ------Help us not to be hamachi server =) Max Lvl: 150 Max Pet Lv: 120 Solo-Exp Rate: 20x Party Exp Rate: 40x Drop Rate: 25x Fairy Growth: 500x Server Features & Informations Maps: new Argent City Shaitan City Icicle ...
Dark Of Pirates
??????? Online server status ??????? ?????? Server opened day 05/04/2019 ?????? Website: https://darkofpirates.tk/ Discord: https://discord.gg/UQfZPb2 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/572825546535452/ Max level: 120 Maximum Fairy Level: 100 Solo x15 Party x20 Drop x15 Fairy x7000 ...
King Pirate Online
Server inspired by the original version of Tales of Pirates. Exp: 3x, Drop 2x, Fairy 5x. Join Us Now!
Exiled Pirates Online
Exiled Pirates Online is a New 24/7 non hamachi private Server. Released Friday April 14 2017. Max lv100, Max Pet Lv100 x15 Solo x15 Team x10 Drop x1000 Fairy Growth. Rb1-3. New Graphics, Friendly GMs! Join Now! at Exiled-pirates.co:8080
Seven Swords Online
SEXP: 99999x, TEXP: 99999x, DROP: 99999x, PET: 99999x, Gems Combiners, Farming Maps, New PK Maps with Rewards, Many Exchanger NPCS, Easy Leveling System, Buffs NPC, Max Pet: Lv150, FRIENDLY GMS.