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BOI~ Divinity
[NEW]2019 BOI Server Open [BOI Divinity] Drop rate:15 EXP rate 25, E45 gears, able to solo daily events, GM events, Custom pets a lot more Come join the fun today.
Godly Battle of The Immortals
Fresh 2018 opened private server level cap 250 Exalted 200, 200x EXP 600x Drop, Premium Quest EXP Custom Daily Quest, 10X Cosmo Gem attributes, worth a look fun to play
[Orizon-Gaming][Battle of the Immortals]
[Odins Wrath Expansion][6 Classes][LVL 150-ex100 Cap][Good Starter Pack][BOI Retail Storyline/Gear up System][High Rate][Weekly Updates][Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers][Open World PVP-Territory Wars][24/7 Support][No Lag][No Downtime][Join now and discover much more]
HeavenBOI - Private Battle of immortals
Private BOI server - 500.000 Zen at start - NEW LV5COSMOS - EX45 GEAR - NEW MAPS - 1 Zen all in market - DI , FD , TOB, GYZA LHE can enter alone - Exp Medium - Drop Medium - Helpful Deity Nova Chest - LV5 Gem + other - Instant lvl94 ! Long term - We are waiting you in HeavenBOI !
Boi Trinity
free market, fast leveling, kind community, active friendly GMs ,custom bosses, 300+ online players all the time , all events working , e45 and e60 gears maps bosses join now!
CyberWarsX BOI
Custom Odin type BOI: - Changed cosmos- e45 SG - unique system for catching up to the top power players - new boss every hour and more