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Philippine Ragnarok Online - Classic 2002
Play Classic Episode 5.0 JUNO! Available Job Class 2-1 2-2, Max Level 99/50, Rates: 7x/7x/3x! No BOT / No DUAL / No AUTOTRADE! visit our website now!
Pre Renewal Low Rate
DreamerRO - Ranked #1 High Rate
Rates: 8k/8k/3k // MaxLvl: 500/120 // Pre-Renewal // 3rd Jobs // Active PvP // Battlegrounds // Newbie Friendly // Hero Quest offering a whole new way to enjoy RO // 600-1,000 ONLINE
Leviathan Ragnarok Online
Server Rates: ▸ 10x Base Experience ▸ 10x Job Experience ▸ 3x Normal Monster Drop Rate ▸ GR,Deviling,Angeling,Arch Angeling Card & MVP Card Drop are Disable
Pre Renewal Low Rate
100x/100x/25x - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - Since 2009, no wipes - Ep 16.2 - Great GMs and Players - Many Minigames - WoE/BG/PvP Intesnse - Daily Quests - Most close to official renewal gaming.
Renewal Mid Rate
DarkRO Rebirth Ragnarok Online
DarkRO Rebirth is a unique free to play Private Ragnarok Online 255/100 High-Rate server fused with Star Wars experience. An upgrade and a closer comparison to the famous and most successful private server released on 2005. The name obviously comes from the combination of Ragnarok & Star Wars, havin...
Pre Renewal High Rate

RO Private Servers 6-19

Nyro Ragnarok Online Third Job: Pre-Renewal Server, Rates: 50k/50k/5k, Max Stats: 500/120. Gem System, Wing Forge System, Materia System, Charm System. 3 years running & active! No Wipe Out! Gepard Shield Protected..
Blight Ragnarok Online
99/70 Instant Server! Unique features with active action play pvp and gvg!
Pre Renewal High Rate
Medieval Ragnarok Online
[Server Information] ???? Episode: 17.1 Renewal ???? 3rd Job Enable ???? Skill Delay: Agi/Kiel Base ???? Base/Job Lvl: 500/120 ???? Max Stats: 500 ???? Max Speed: 195 ???? Base & Job Rate: 7000 / 7000 ???? Item Rate: 1000 ???? Normal Card: 5% Drop Rate ???? Mini Boss Card: 2% Drop Rate ???? MVP Boss...
Renewal High Rate
Shining Moon
Renewal & Pre-Renewal. Set your own EXP-rates between 1-100! 20x droprates! Class Change, Soul System, Monster Hunter, Treasure Caches, Over 400 custom headgears, Warper & @warp, Buffer/Healer, Weapon Evolution, Daily Rewards, Automated Events and much more features. Active Development! Join us!
Renewal Pre Renewal Mid Rate
Streetz Ragnarok Online
Server Rates: Exp Rates : Base: 1000x/ Job:1000x Normal Drop Rates: Common: 1000.00x / Healing 1000.00xUsable: 1000.00x / Equipment: 1000.00x / Card: 1000.00x Mini boss Drop rates: Common: 25.00x / Healing 25.00x / Usable: 25.00x / Equipment: 25.00x / Card: 25.00x MVP boss Drop rates: Common: ...
Pre Renewal Mid Rate
BaseLevel 255 / Joblevel 120 Rates 10k Base/10k Job/10% Card Drops 24/7 Uptime Instant PK Fast-Paced Environment Reborn System Max: 1000 Karma & Fame System Friendly GM Team Active Facebook Network Always Growing Community Solid and Stable Economy Lag-Free and Balanced Server Dual Login Enabled Regu...
Pre Renewal High Rate
nyanRO is a Midrate-Server with balanced and bugfree 3rd classes. We\'re using the ragRE Client without the ragRE Skill- & Stat- system. Our cast system is adapted from pre-RE to work with 3rd classes. We hope you\'ll enjoy the balance since we\'ve worked for more then two years with 3rd Classes now...
10k/10k/1k Dynamic Rates - Highrate Server based from DarkRO with Balanced Custom Classes - Unique Reward System - Unique WoE & PvP System - Stable & Dedicated Server/Staff - Custom Items, Skills and Pets - Join our Community Today!
Pre Renewal High Rate
Bad Dragon Ro
Deutscher Mid Server sucht nette Spieler. Rates 50x/50x Normale Card 0,50% Mini Boss & MVP Card 0,10%, 3RD Jobs, keine Donates. Komm vorbei und schau rein
Renewal Mid Rate
Heroes Of Valhalla
???? Server Rates EXP Rates: 25x / 25x Normal Drops: 5x Normal Cards: 0.10% MVP Drops: 1x ???? Server Info Episode 12: Destruction Of Morocc Max Level: 99/70 Mode: Pre-Renewal Guild Cap: 34/34 ???? Highlights Economy Based Server Gepard Shield Protected Adv. DDoS Protection Single - Client Andro...
A 2-slotted server that\'s been custom built to offer a blend of the traditional RO feel and the fast-paced SHR experience. With custom drop rates, a fully customized achievements & titles system, and tons of quests, we strive to offer a unique PvM experience not normally found in super high rates.
Pre-Renewal. Rates 75x/75x/50x. Cartas 0.16% y MvP 0.02%. Max 99/70. Sin CASH SHOP/ANTI Pay-2-Win. Gepard Shield 3.0. PACK DE BIENVENIDA y GUILD PACK! Staff con mucha experiencia. Actualizaciones constantes. Comunidad activa y agradable. Eventos autom
Pre Renewal
DiscordiaRO Servidor en Espa
Esper Ragnarok Online
Episode 12: The Destruction of Morroc Classes: Transcendent Jobs EXP Rates: 10x / 10x Quest Rates: 7x Custom Drop Rates Card: Normal - 0.50% / Mini - 0.25% / MVP - 0.1% Max Level: 99 / 70 Max ASPD: 193 Max Stats: 99 Instant Cast: 150
Pre Renewal Mid Rate
Rebirth.RO 1000+ Hats many Custom Instances New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion - Kagerou - Oboro server named Thor 200/200/20 Two classic servers: Loki 100/100/20 and Eir 5/5/3 1000+ players online 100,000+ active players 100 secure website Free Pokemon pets 24/7 uptime Active WoE and BG
Pilipinas Ragnarok Online
Base/Job Level: 255/120 Maximum Stats: 255 Maximum Attack Speed: 196 Instant Max Base&Job; NPC Guild Package Ready Solo Package Available Server Time: GMT+8 GM Hosted PK Events
Pre Renewal High Rate
Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online
Status: Under Development - Rates: 6x/6x/6x - MaxLvl: 99/70 - Pre-Renewal - Custom and Unique Features: Bounty Chests, Monster Headgears, Evolving Pets, Shiny System, Hero Quest, Battleground Divisions System and more!
Pre Renewal Low Rate
iPlay RO
99/70 Upto Transcendent Class Rates: 15x/15x/5x~18x/18x/5x(Weekends) Card rate: 8x
YunaRO - Ragnarok Online
Hallo Liebe RO Spieler und Spielerinnen! YunaRO ist noch ein recht kleiner, aber dennoch schöner Server mit sehr netter Community, viel Handarbeit und sehr nettem GM Team. Viele Custom Maps, Mobs und Items sind bereits verfügbar, dennoch wir sind sehr bemüht, die Balance der einzelnen Klassen z...
Renewal High Rate
Max Level: 99/50 - Rates: 5x5x3x - Max 2nd Jobs - Mechanism: Zero - Fever Fields, Champion Monster, Random Options - Unique instances: Poring Village and more - Stable NA Server - Friendly community and staff - Peaked 800+
Zero Renewal Low Rate
NEW SERVER: ✔️Official Release: 12/21/2019 ✔️Gepard Shield ✔️Pre-Renewal ✔️Max Lvl: 175/150 ✔️Rates: 75/75/50 ✔️Character Preferences Applied On Login ✔️Custom MVP, PVP and DB Arenas ✔️Custom Hourly Events ✔️Custom Raids, Mobs, Maps, Quests and more!
Pre Renewal Mid Rate
GlacialRO 2.5k/2.5k/2k No 3rd jobs, Specialization Rings make your builds strong, Active staff, Endless Tower, Balanced Items, Custom Items/Monsters/Quests
Ragnite Ragnarok Online
Pre-Renewal system [2nd jobs] Renewal Instances [Balanced] - Rates 3k/3k/6k - Max Lv: 255/120 - Opening: 20 May 2018 - Gepard Shield - Gravity Weapons, Gravity Equipment - Daily Quests Daily Rewards - Costume/Style Donation - Balance Changes
Pre Renewal High Rate
RebelRO - The Return
Ragnarok Private Server This is what you\'ve been waiting for. RebelRO from 2009 returns! Miss playing old RebelRO or RebirthRO style but easier? Come and Try our server!
Pre Renewal High Rate
Willkommen bei TakeRo, der deutsche Raganrok Online Server. Wir starten komplett neu durch! Sei auch du dabei und genieße die Welt des besten MMORPG. TakeRo ist ein Projekt von ehemaligen FRo Spielern, da FRo ja die Tore geschlossen hat und es keine ordentliche Antwort gab, sind wir nun da. Eg...
Renewal Mid Rate
Berserker Ragnarok Online
Become a Berserker, Server based from AvalonRO 200x/100x/50x/ 255/99 / Pre-Renewall / 2nd Job / Mid-rate / History Quest / Donations / Anti-DDoS Hosting in Canada / Stable/Lagfree/Balanced / Great GMs and Players - Many Minigames - WoE/BG/PvP Intesnse / Pack Guild /Spanish/English / Join our Communi...
Pre Renewal Mid Rate
Ragnarok Sarah Server
Classic 99/50 Episode: 4 War of Emperium (on going Episode until pre trans) Max Base Level : 99 Max Job Level : 50 Max Stats: 99 Classic Mob Spawn and Drops Classic Skill Mechanics Classic Job Changer Current Available Jobs: ( Knight, Hunter, Assassin, Blacksmith, Wizard and Priest )
Low Rate
Hibiscus Ragnarok Online
Welcome to Hibiscus Ragnarok Online, better known as HiRO. HiRO is a Medium rate server. Rates: 500x/500x/100x/450x (Base exp./Job exp./Drop rate./Quest exp). Max Level Trans: 99/70 Max Stats Trans: 99 Max ASPD: 195 Instantcast: 130 dex Doppel Effect : 60 (default 10) Pre-Renewal mode (Added Renew...
Pre Renewal High Rate
NiktoutRO Chaos 100k 100k 10k IS BACK
Your old NiktoutRO Chaos Super High Rate Server is back ! 100k.100k.10k Max level 999/150, Max stats 500, auto events, Gold Room, vote rewards, item mall, super MvPS and more ! Check our server out and let\'s make it to the top !
FinalRO - Super High Rates
Dedicated Pre-Renewal Server, Level 999, Status 850, GepardShield Protection, Lots of Quests and Custom Items, Reset System, WoE with monthly prizes, Battleground System, Automatic Events. Stable server, Join us!
Pre Renewal High Rate
ViggoRO Grand Opening 13 December
Apertura 13 de Diciembre / High Rates Server 500x500x100x / Pre Renewal 13.2 / NO 3
Hex Ragnarok Online
Pre Renewal High Rate
All our ideas and updates, we will implement for You. Our main task is to return the sake of what everyone played this game. I will reveal for You the most important thing, our team has prepared a very important component without which players feel inferior-eSports League + updated content. See you...
Renewal Low Rate
1k/1k/1k+ PK
Pre Renewal High Rate
Neverlasting RO v2 We are very stable and have lots of custom items so you can try new stuff daily and rock on. Easy to get most of the customs by just purchasing or exchanging them for points which are easy to get via quests or events.
pre streetz ro
? Max Stats: 99 ? Max Aspd: 190 ? Instant Cast: 150 Dex ? Max char slots per account: 12 ( Premium Service ) ? Custom NPC: Healer, Town and Dungeon Warper, Job Changer, Stats and Skill Resetter, Dead/Bloody Branch Summoning Room, Hair & Cloth Dye and many more !
Pre Renewal Mid Rate
Celestia Ragnarok Online
255/120 Celestia Ragnarok Online is a unique Instance Based Server. most items are dropped from instances Solo or Party . Extreme World Bosses Amazing Automated Events
Pre Renewal High Rate
Civil RO 255
CALLING ALL HIGH RATE PLAYERS! JOIN US We create a home for players who have been server hopping until now and still haven\'t decided where to stay. New Server! A 255/120 classic pk farm server with Good SOLO PACK& GPACK
Pre Renewal
Astral Ragnarok Online
Adventurer, Welcome to Astral Ragnarok Online a high-rate server that offers a unique gameplay. A server where you can enjoy farming and pk-ing. Come and Join now! Base Level: 255 Job Level: 255 DarkRO Style Server with Unique Twist of our own flavor Enjoyable, Fair Gameplay, No BIAS 101%.
Pre Renewal High Rate
European Ragnarok Online
ragnarokonline.net is an Episode 16.2 Ragnarök Online private server based on the Renewal system with rates of 5x/5x/5x and a maximum level of 200/70 with some unique features. iRO like.
Renewal Low Rate
XileROOS : XileRO2k7 Replica : 3v3/CTF : Dedicated Super Server : 24/7 UpTime : OS No-Op Server : LDS Best Set : GoGo
Generation Ragnarok Online
Server Rates: 50000x Base Experience 50000x Job Experience 1000x Drop Rates 10% Normal Cards 5% MVP Cards 0.50% Kiel 0.10% GTB 1.00% FBH 0.50% Thanatos Card 0.10% Lhz Modified Rare Cards SOON to Release Server Information: NON-Donor Friendly Server. PK Server (w/ @pk & @viewpk Commands)...
Pre Renewal High Rate
SweetKiss Ragnarok Online A new Ragnarok Private Server!Hourly Events!Weekly New Custom Items!All Woe Maps Enabled! Friendly Community!FAIR GM Team! Official Website: sweetkiss.ro-online.net You can download SKRO here and keep yourself updated. A new and humble server, fun and free to play. Download...