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Crusade LC
Cap 145E XP Low SP mid-high Get Cash with Quests No Donate function [totally free]
PvP Balance Fixed ! - PvE All Days ! - Custom Server ! -New System Statpoints ! -New System Ranking PvP ! -New System Grade LCFN !-New System Anti Edit !-New System Anti Bot !-New System Anti Crash !-New NPC Exchange !-New Affinity LCFN!-New System Buffs !-New Special Name ! JOINS US NOW !
Legendary LastChaos EP4
Legendary LastChaos is a new Episode 4 Server with new features & anticheat, the levelcap is 135 and the levelingspeed is middle out Server have many new features like autoigni/pickup, namecolor system, automatic special rename and much more
Last Chaos Privat Server (Deutsch) Mehr infos auf der Homepage
Avenger Lat Chaos
Server Info: Premium Character buffs\' an auto skills. All Skill\'s are free No elements Max Plus +28 exp rate x15 sp rate 20x pet exp x5 (max pet level up 165) p1 an p2 Max level 190 Weekly Cash Quest\'s Special cash box appear\'s in arena every hour
Final lastchaos
Hi there Guest, welcome to FINAL LC PRIVATE SERVER!This is our mid rate Episode1 LastChaos Private Server.There is lots of custom content for you waiting to be discovered!Our rates are :Max Level : 310Exp : x50SP : x100Gold : CustomDroprate : x25Upgrade : 99%Pet Exp : x100Other Stuff :Ingame Itemm...
Medium Rate Server,Level Cap 165,Costumes NPC,Friendly and Active Staff,And More.
Shivium LastChaos EP4
Details Start Level:1 Max Level:185 Old Juno with small changes active staff pve daily quest Rank PvP New option: show fps/hide radar/hide chat/quick panelExp:150Sp:20drop:30affinity:10max up:21
Last Chaos Melodie
Last Chaos Melodie EP4
Curse Last Chaos
Curse Chaos stable dedicated server of Last Chaos with Ep.3, LvL Cap 175, Server Buff Events, Server Rate are: EXP:100x, SP:100x, GOLD:50x, PETS:100x, GM online everyday, Mode PvP-PvM, great comunity, Join now