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Phoenix Dekaron
Phoenix Dekaron New Server 12 Class,clasic server,drop rate and exp low,vote for coins
Dekaron Exilium
*-Welcome everyone, on this occasion we want to present our new project, Exilium Gaming comes strong with new content and we hope that the server is to your liking, know how to understand that during the next few days it will open very drastic changes but everything is for the good of the server. *-...
x2100 EXP/HP-MP Bug Fix/+12 High Rate System/Mavric System/Newest Classes and Client/Siege Weekly/Custom Re-birth System With Custom Items/13 Stats Per Lvl/Vote For Coins To Use In Our Online Vote Shop and Make Custom DN Gear/Custom Weekly Events/NO ACCOUNTS DELETED 6 YEARS RUNNING
Dark Power
[Professional Developers][Perfect Class balance PvP/PvE] [Colosseum Ranking System] [New Maps ] [New lvl 225 Weapons] [New lvl 230 armor] [working New Dungeon] [Level Archievement Packs][Farmable D-Shop/No Pay2Win]Join Us