Conquer Online Private Servers

Conquer Online servers ranked by most popular.

ConQuerX Classic Server
[US][Easy Classic][4 Years Online][Red/Black names DROP Gear][No: Nobility, Potency, Talismans, Ninja, Mentors, Item Lock, CPS][Custom Events][Lotto, Mall, Lvl 135, +9, 2RBs][Rates: Middle][Here to stay]
*Last 130lvl *Free items shop *Drop db *Afkp. Drop (db gem meteor cps +stone) *Full boss *Version 5065-5095 *Small and mini gw *Superexpbal ques *Cps and goll lotery *Db lottey (+stone cps expball) *Class garment *Cup *No talisman
MordorConquer V5517 Launched 1/1/2020 V 5517 is a based server, With a reputable and honorable staff that believes in their [US Host NY][Low ping EU/US][items start +6 B][Rate Cps Normal][Full Arena System][ No Chi/Jiang][Up to monks only][No Epic Classes][Nobility resets Monthly]
Immortals Co - Rise of Immortals
US Based server, Updated with the New Ninja expansion, P7 Dragon Souls, and L6 Sacred Refineries, English community, High drop rate 2000-3000 CPs Per-monster, High EXP rate, Professional developers, Guarantee the stability and the highest performance, Join hundreds of players now
[NEW SERVER 20-6-2019][Max +12] [Max level 137] [+StoneDrops] [No Mall] [PlayToWin] [No Battlepower][No Ninjas] [EU Server] [Medium Rates][Custom Mining][Unique Content][Red/Black Custom System][No ItemLock][No CPS]
Storm Conquer - Classic Server
[Classic Gameplay][EU Hosted][English/Egyptian Community][Max Level 137][Maximum +12][2nd RB][Red/Black names DROP Gear][Old Jump][Medium rates][Four Main Classes][NO Talismans][Active STAFF][Fair Gameplay][Mining][PVE Quests][Hourly PVP Events][Arena Qualifier][FB/SS TOURNAMENTS][Opened Nove 2016]
Immortals Co - Rise Of Immortals -
An active and up-to-date American server, professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our unbelievable PVE events and the fairest game environment ever with +6000 active players daily, Guarantee the stability and the highest performance, Now available on Windows and Mac OSX
Flare Conquer, Released 16th July
starter pack for newbie players ,Weekly updates ,PVE/PVP custom events, all classes available,professionally developed according to the players needs, active customer service 24/7 ,players Join now and enjoy, give us a try
[Version[3D]-Hard-[Drop Random 200-400 cps][Poker][Transfer][JiangHu System][System SkillSoul][TeamPK][SkillTeamPK][System House][Lv140 Max][ChiSystem][Guild Arsenal][CouplesPK][Sub Class][No Lag][TreasureBox][ElitePK][capture the flag][Cross Server]Soon-[ Epic Pirate And Rune System]Try it now Join
One Hit - BlackName - ChampionRace - RedName - DeadWorld - Revenger - LifePk - BigBoss - GentelWar - Crazy War ButchersWar- Class pola War O:) - DailyPK = Prize 500.000 CPS O:) - Ms Conquer Host = Prize 500.000 CPs
Eudemons TITAN - PackGameS O melhor servidor de eudemons do Brasil, totalmente atualizado, com grande quantidade de jogadores onlines, Novas classes, Vestimentos, eventos, pets, montarias, miss
LostCity V5095 Epic
[LostCity][Ninja,Monk,Pirate,Dragon Warrior][Epic Trojan Epic Ninja Epic Monk Epic Warrior Epic Water][Version 5095][Full Soul For All Stuff][New Garments] [Update Evrey Day][New Effects][Max +15][Max Level 140][Drop 10000 Cps][More Quests][More 100 Monster Style][Enjoy With Us]
ConqueredLands - NEW SERVER
[Version 5165][NA][Low Rates][L137 2nd Reborn Max][Tons of Events][Tons of Custom Features][High Performance] We aim to provide a long term rewarding leveling experience