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Ace Online War Of The Sky
This is the classic episode of 3.5 EXP x400 Item drop x100 Rare item drop x50 War Points x10 SPI x75
PVP-HYBRID-SERVER / Episode 4.5 / selfcreated PVP-Maps / Contour Cards / WP per Kill / Global WP / Infinity Field 3 / Nation Infinity Field / Crystal Event Systen / NGC SP / Custom Level System / 4th NGC-Frontbasewar / Custom Exception Handler / Advanced Weapon Type: Mine / Sky-Level System / 10 Mem...
OSR its a private 3.5 server with many modifications! HH 11-87 2k EXP 87-123 2,5k Many unique features like Linking Items on chat! Old playing style with no eva/def cards and no hyper cards! WP and Credits for kill/SP/MS/Adv. bases NO PAY TO WIN! Free membership - only effects for cash.
Private Ace Online EP2 Server. Non-Pay-2-win mostly Balanced Gameplay! Re Discover The Last Game Play From Episode 2 with some special EP 3.X content! At Item-shop you can buy Weapon-Contours, Armor-Contours and other visual effects! Enchant Limited to E13 with a 100% chance from E1 to E5 ! Old and ...
Combat Rivals
EP 3.3 PVP-Server within self-created stuff. EXP caps for "free lvl 110", x1500 WP HH (weekend x2500), no death costs, perma 25% hax regen, friendly staff team. teamspeak aviable (for brig channel also). DGA=DaylieLogIn, WGA (WeenendGiveAway), much events and much more
NextGenAce - EPISODE 4.2
Episode 4.2 - Revolt Ignition / Cross nation chat / Custom War System / WP&Credits for kill / 6000% EXP / Infinity 3 / Arena Ragnarok / Level 100+ Weapons / Level cap 123 / P.E.Ts Evolution Type (with sockets)
OldSchool Rivals - EP2 Server
Private Ace Online EP2 Server. Most Balanced Gameplay! Re Discover The Last Game Play From Episode 2 ! \"Non profit cash shop\", you can buy just hologram cards, grind helper and rename cards Enchant Limited E10 With 100% From E1 to E10 !
Dream ACE
- Free Level 121 at start Max level : 125 - New Anti Hack System. - New PC Bang System - Free Death Weapon at Start - Free v11 LM Armor at Start - Free all Mission at Start - Free Final skill at start And alot of more, check it out