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Novea - #1 OSRS Server - 50M OSGP Tournaments
Novea is the OSRS Server that offers Stable Economy with the Best Combat & Pathing system you will have ever seen in RSPS. We offer the best Experience for both PVMers & Pkers including 50M+ Daily Osrs gp Tournaments! Come check us out we\'re certain you will enjoy our community!
OSRS Vote Rewards Rev Caves Vorkath The Inferno Osrs Gp Tournaments Osrs Content Highscores Economy Perfect Combat Osrs Bosses
Alora - #1 OSRS Server - Group Ironman is LIVE
600+ Online - The only server with full Raids 1 & 2 - The Inferno - A New OSRS Server Offering the Best OSRS Experience! - So Much Content! - Highly Addictive! - View NPC Drop Tables - Quests & Mini-Games - Fully Working Trading Post!
DG14 OSRS 317 Constant Developing Osrs Bosses All Working Skills Old School Instant Pking Economy Clan Pking
Up for a challenge with thousands of players? Soulplay is the place to go! We provide the best gameplay out of all RSPS. We also provide world-wide servers to optimize your gameplay, offering locations in the USA, Europe, and Australia.
667 DG14 317 Instant Pking Economy Clan Pking Castle Wars 4th Job Clan System Duel Arena Active Community Perfect Combat Perfect Switches
DreamScape - #1 Custom RSPS
Great Runescape Private Server With Customs and Much more! 250+ Players | Massive Weekly Updates | Daily Discord Events | Thousands of Custom Weapons and Armours | 8 Fully Working Custom Raids! | Fully Working Theatre of Blood | PubG Minigame | Custom Gambling - Roulette, Coin Flip, BlackJack Table
Custom Server
PkHonor - Cerberus - UIM - Abyssal Sire
Works on 4k screens - fullscreen & resizable mode - perfect pathing - All bosses + pets - Frequent updates - Weekend events - Weekly Castle Wars - Perfect Grand Exchange - Full Construction - Bounty Hunter - GWD with Nex - Improved combat system - All Skills
317 Fullscreen Grand Exchange Weekly Events Ironman Boss Pets Skilling Bosses Economy Duel Arena Active Community

RSPS Servers 6-19

OsScape - Its Time For Battle
500+ Players - OS-Scape is the largest Old-School private server with an economy world and a heavy-action PvP world - Free to play - Active Community - Weekly Updates - Lots of PKers...
Osrs Server Old School PvP Newest Bosses Clan Wars Dicing Flawless Combat Boss Pets Ironman Grand Exchange
ACTIVE 300+ PLAYERS - FULL HYDRA & VORKATH & RAIDS & REVENANT CAVES - 5 FREE MYSTERY BOX - 100+ BOSSES - ALL SKILLS FULLY WORKING - DUO SLAYER - Iron Man Modes - Summoning - Construction - Boss Pets - Custom Titles - Server Events
317 RealRS Dungeoneering Osrs Items Daily Events Active Players 24 skills 4th Job 100 Bosses Minigames Clan Pking
Runex - Best ECO RSPS
Safe automated Gambling - Tons of achievements - Trading post - OldschoolNew Graphic Toggle - Unique Features - Much more...
317 PvM Eco Server Old School Economy
SpawnPK Server
Switch between oldschool/newschool graphics - Instant loadout sets - Safe & automated gambling - Advanced content - Join now!
Instant Pking Economy
BattleWild - Pking - Tournaments - OSRS Giveaways
The highly anticipated PVP server of 2019. Join 100\'s of active Discord users today and become a part of the best RSPS community ever. We offer instant pking and the best combat system to date, What are you waiting for? Join now and register on our forums & Discord
OSRS Clan Wars Clan System Clan Pking Instant Pking Fun PK
AllstarLegends Oldschool-YELL for everyone
ALLSTARLEGENDS,Back to oldschool! 24-7 online ||DDoS Protected||22skills||All Minigames||Bosses||FunPk! Join now and feel the Nostalgia! :) Double exp weekends! OLDSCHOOL NOSTALGIA!!! One of the best Runescape private servers! YELL FOR EVERYONE!
317 Minigames Old School Skilling Bosses Fun PK Yell Auto Donate Auto Vote
-Massive Model/Graphics Upgrade -Player Owned Shops **Works while ur Offline** -500+ New Custom items -AutoVote & AutoStore -New Gamblebot, (Any Item) 55x2 -New Trivia questions -Skin Colors **Donor+** -MultiBoss (ShadowLord, etc) -OSRS Items -MoneyPouch can have 999Q+ -Custom Range & Magic Weapons/...
317 Player Owned Shops Vote Rewards Daily Events
Top Runescape gold site with Fast Delivery
4RSGold has already become the most professional site to supply RS products online since 2009, Nearly 1 millon RS players have enjoyable shopping experience at our website. The favorable rate which according to customers feedback has reached 99%. At the meanwhile, 4RSGold is No.1 store of Rs gold, R...
EliteScape - Best Economy Server
Redemption RSPS 614
If you are looking for an addictive, realistic fun new RuneScape Private Server to play, look no further! REDEMPTION-RSPS has everything that you could ever desire & more! Here at REDEMPTION-RSPS we have something for everybody! ...
RatedPixels New Server
Download client: Free ::Yell for everyone Re-Sizeable Client! Boss Pets. Old School Runescape Items. Clue Scroll System - Easy, Medium & Hard. -Barrows, Pest control, Jad, Duel arena, Warriors guild, Barbarian Assault. 10 Bosses + Godwars Dungeon! (Kraken,Venatis,Vet...
317 Minigames Eco Server 21 Skills 10 Bosses
Project PVM & PK
Come join Project PVM & PK! We are a delta 317 osrs server with bosses, minigames, gambling, skilling, donor zones and shops, voting shop, and custom items! If you love to PVM then this is the server for you!
Shadow rs, is a new private server with lots to offer from skilling to Bossing, we are looking for staff and GFX editors, anyone good enough will be recruited
Custom Content | Particles | Played-Owned Shops | Construction | NPC Drop Tables | All Working Skills | Over 25 Bosses And Pets (Both OSRS And RS3 Bosses) | Custom Interfaces Such As Player Profiles, Drop Logs, Loyalty Titles | Hourly Events Including Shooting Stars, Evil Trees Golden Dragon Spawns
317 Golden Dragon Spawns Hourly Events NPC Player Drop Logs 25 Bosses Pets Player Owned Shops Particles All Working Skills Construction Unique Content

Runescape Servers 20-50

Welcome to ScapingRunes Rsps... (friendly owner/staff/players) You're all welcome :) All of you :)
DoomScape - The #1 Old School RSPS
Join the #1 RuneScape Private Server today! Perfected PK and PVP, Mixed Pre-Eoc Content, Active Trading Economy, Safe Gambling at Duel Arena, OSRS Update with 4000 unique items, Custom Bossing. Join the most unique RSPS!
317 Player Owned Shops Eco Server Minigames Skilling Bosses Fun PK
Cheap Runescape Gold And Items For Sale , Safe And Instant Delivery
Provide Runescape Gold and Item For Runescape Fans, MMors Have 8 Years Old For Game Value-Added Services Experience And Have Thousands Of Loyal Customers, Professional And Trusted Runescape Online Store, No Scam, No Cheat.
Get Free OSRS Gold for April Fool Day
Today we will taiking about free gold,April Fool’s Day is drawing nearer, and do you want to have some fun on RSorder? Next Monday on April 2, you have a chance to win free  RS gold in all on condition that you buy the gold from our site. Read on to learn more and remember you can always buy ...
uLake- Runescape Cheats, Black Market
This is a great site with friendly staff, no scammers.Come visit our forums for a great runescape black market, community, private server discussion. Please visit uLake today
2007RunescapeGold Sale Cheap RS Gold, RS 2007 Gold, OSRS Gold is a professional online game store which would like to offer amounts of cheap Runescape Gold with instant delivery. Reliable stock for OSRS Gold.
FBGaming - Full Blown Gaming
FBG is a gaming forum / community that focuses on more than just games themselves. We offer hints, tips, cheats, etc... We also offer a wide variety of editable options & guides. Were a small community now in the process of growing. I hope to see you there, at least check it out! Daily trailers,...
[317] ZXScape [ECO]
Hello all! Welcome to our brand new ECO server ZXScape! This server will make you work for your gear, train for your strength and barter for your wealth! The server has many many things to do. Ways to get rich. Ways to become, the Legend! With being an ECO server items are obtained by playing a l...
XOF rsps 718+ Runescape
New Runescape private server // 718+ // searching from new staff // all skills working // active staff // Custom items // Great donator features
Leight Runescape gold site with Fast Delivery
RSorder has already become the most professional site to supply RS products online since 2008, Nearly 60% of all RS players have enjoyable shopping experience at our website. The favorable rate which according to customers feedback has reached 99%. At the meanwhile, Rsorder on the Google is No.1 sto...
RSC Legacy - Android Runescape Classic
A runescape classic server with some modifications to make it 2017 playable and enjoyable! You can play on your ANDROID, PC & More! Active community, same RSC feel.
RuneScape Classic Server
We're popular RuneScape Classic Private Server.
RuneRebels One Of The Most Advanced Remakes
Why should you join? Runerebels is not " just another remake ", it is referred to as THE remake. We are very professional with what we do and while other developers don't even touch their work, our staff is on daily to make sure the players get what they once experienced. Although many ha...
Free Donator, Chaotic, Drygores, Unique Bosses
Salusscape PK Eco, Chaotic, Drygores, Unique Bosses, RS 2007 items, 24/7 vps, all skills, Free Donator StatusJoin at:
Project Catastrophe - Since 2008!
::Pickup - Challenging Bosses - Torva - Dicing - Dragon Claws - Challenges - 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag - Pk Server - Max Level 248 - Custom Items - Web Client Only
Latest update: BarrelChest - Godwars - Kree\'arra, General Graador, Commander Zilyana, K\'ril Tsutsaroth ) Feature done includes minigames ( Pest Control, Barrows, etc), bosses (KBD,KC,Giant Mole, etc). Sign up for beta test NOW!
buy osrs gold
New Content Update! Old School RuneScape Celebrates 5 Years of Service. - buy osrs gold
LegendScape Server
LegendScape is a private RuneScape server. No shop, no donation, and no P2W. Join us now! LegendScape is open beta. If you find any bugs or glitches please report it on our forum.
317 24 skills Active Players Active Community Beta Skilling Old School All Working Skills Unique Content 120 Skills 100 Bosses
Guys i'm still creating the forums so please bare with me, if anyone is good at website design then please email me, just message me in-game first! I look to be having a webclient in the top to far future but for now we have to stick to the downloadable one!This server is perfect for players who lik...
some full working skills, includes pking, regular updates, custom items, great staff, lagg free, player bonuses, dueling, good rates, nice drop rates, mini games.
North-Scape New Server
RSPS RSPS RSPS RSPS North-Scape NEW SERVER !!! WE STILL NEED STAFF! features : - 100% Money Pouch - No Dupes + Cheat engine/cheat clients Blocked - Server Announcement upon 99 with spins awarded for SOF - Lottery System With Staff Disabled from entering draw - Custom Login Messages, fo...
Twitscape 614
Join twitscape the best 614 rsps to date!
Moparscape largest OSRS
300+ online players, oldest Runescape private server, custom content, PvP, PvM, OSRS items & content.
GrinderScape - Best PK Server
Server has been running and developed since 2008. [5 Different Game-Modes] [Weekly Updates] [Weekly PK Tournament] [Slayer System] [Boss Pets] [Ironman & Hardcore Ironman] [Duel Arena] [ NPC Kill Tracking] [Cape Customizer] [In-Game Live-Summoning] [Several Minigames] [Custom Titles] [Over 80 tas...
Elite 667 New
Oldschool and Newschool Modes - Daily Updates - Wilderness PKing - PvP Worlds - Castle Wars - Dueling - Clan Wars - Dungeoneering - Dicing - Awesome Economy - Good Community
Exotic-Scape Returns!
Links: website : Download: Forums : Features: KILN CAPE Money Pouch Perfect Economy Server PvP Updated Cache Dungeoneering Fixed Hunter Construction Farming Perfected Shooting Stars Proper Dwarf ...
A good Private Server
Allstarlegends Oldschool
Oldschool Nostalgia! Funpk/skills/minigames/ ::yell for everyone!
Who hasn\'t wanted to play an amazing fun server with crazy custom items, castle building, house building, and game of thrones quests? We\'ve been around for so long and have such a history in the RSPS custom funserver scene! For those unfamiliar with Gof-RS, not to worry, we will get to that - BUT ...
Runescape Private Server Double Xp and more works and runs join and play with us
ProjectEco RSPS
ProjectEco, where imagination is never needed. Join us today and see for yourself of all the amazing features we have!

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