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OGame Turkey
OGame Turkey is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser. https://www.ogameturkey.com
Finaluniverse ist ein Weltraum-Strategiespiel mit hunderten Spielern die erdumgreifend gleichzeitig versuchen der/die Beste zu werden. Alles was ihr zum spielen braucht ist ein Standartwebbrowser. Finaluniverse is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time tryi...
Old School Space Empire
Want to explore the universe? Want a big bonus for joining? Come join O.S.S.E. Today! It\'s Free! Universe 1 is Open! Speed: x75 Resource: x10 fleet: x5 Fleet To Debris: 60% Defense to Debris: 30% All new players will receive a welcome bonus upon registering!
SKYWARS-SPACE This is a new world, new universe expanses, highly developed tsivilizatsya with a very high speed of the game x 100,000,000,000,000 +1,000,000,000 dark matter for the launch
World of Galaxy
Eine neue Zivilisation Du Startest mit einer unterentwickelten Welt, und errichtest auf dieser ein Imperium. Gründest Kolonien und verteidigst diese. Atemberaubende Flexibilität Erstelle eine wirtschaftliche und militärische Infrastruktur, auf der Suche nach den nächsten größten...
Niburu Space strategy game
Niburu Space is a web browser based multiplayer game. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more. Gameplay is similar to Ogame.
Corrado Game Ogame Private High Speed Games
UNI-10 Opned 17 December 2016 - Game runes Overall Game Speed X 99.999 Fleet Speed X 50 Resources speed X and max 14 planets so not to fast and not to many planets makes this really nice game to play JOIN NOW
1030 Wars
1030 Wars has made some changes. Uni 1 will re-open soon. I will reward those who register for the Universes with DM as my way of saying Thanks for the support.
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A Massive multiplayer Strategy sim, set in a universe were Galactic war has torn the worlds, and set them back 100 years,
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Ogame Oyna Ogame Oyunu Ogame Evreni Ogame Staretji Oyunu Uzay Oyunu Ogame Sitesi Hzl Ogame Yava Ogame Starwars Evreni.
OGame Design, 500% Ressource Speed, 500% Build Speed, 100% Fleet Speed
Ogalaxy Server
Ogalaxy es un juego de estrategia en el espacio. Compite con jugadores las 24h para conquistar el universo. Todo lo que necesitas es un navegador estandard. ------------------- Ogalaxy is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously try to be the best. All you need to play is a st
OGame Wolves Online Uzay Oyunu
OGame, tarayici (browser) ustunden internet baglantisi araciligiyla oynanan, ozel bir kurulum gerektirmeyen, ucretsiz bir uzay strateji oyunudur.
Prime COSMOS Universe Space Strategy EN ES IT DE FR PT TR
Server start: 18.12.2018 Join in the wonderful world of OGame Prime one of the most bug free and secure server, good rates and active support! Full Support. Join in the big Community!!
OGame Turkiye Online Space Game
Legendary Classical Ogame New Universe on June 3, Saturday at 19:00 UTC. GAME PROPERTIES Game Speed: 100x Fleet Speed: 2x Fleet Debris Rate: p Defense Debris Rate: 0 Max. Planets: 11 ADDITIONS Collector Galaxy Spy Temprorary and Permanent Officers Shop Page ( It renews according to situation of...
Newly Opened server! / 32767 Max Stats / 440 Master Level / Balanced PVP / Premium Server Files / Powerful Anti Cheat System / Guild Pack! / Free New Player Player Packages! & Much More!