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The Agario game which is an addicting MMO game that is eat or be eaten rule wherein your main objective is to rule the World made up of colorful cells. Among many rules, the most basic rules that you must abide by are; 1. You can only eat opponents that are smaller than you so that you can get bigg...
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Though it is categorised as an MMO, Agario will give you the feel of those arcade games that our parents used to play on a family computer game. And that is not a bad thing. You
The goal of the game is to grow a cell by eating both randomly generated pellets, which slightly increase a cell\'s mass, and smaller cells without being eaten by larger cells. players dies when all of their cells are eaten by another player. Viruses split cells larger than them into many pieces ...
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On you can play online with different game mods such as agario pvp, private server and teams. Use special agario skins for free! Have fun with Agar!
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lay Agario Online with other peoples. Eat cells and be the biggest one. Enjoy us!. We have many servers to play funny agario, agario private servers