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AbyssWars 154 Eclipse PLAYtoWIN
[New Play to Win system Everything can be gained by normal gameplay][LOTS Of Freebies When Join][12 Classes][Medium Rates][Original Settings][Max LvL 105][Vote Rewards in Gold][Easy Gold in Game][Custom Fashion][NationWar & Sunset Valley with Nice ST Rewards][INSTANT SUPPORT]
Amivan PW
kull server go server Amivan PW kull
Cheebo Perfect World
Cheebo pw is the place to be with your friends and to make new ones ;)
1.5.5 PvE PvP Free to play
PW Blue Dragon
Hello this server is a combination of pvp and pve that you never seen before. We promise you this: that this server wont have any wipes and that this server will be hearing the player opinions. Even that this is a very old version(1.3.6) of pw is clasified by many the best version of perfect world e...