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  • New Server MU NOOBWARS

    NEW SERVER!!!!!!***Exp x1000***Drop 80%***Reset Lvl 400/380/350**BlessBugOFF***PPL5/7***Don't Remove StatusReset acumulativo***Original Items***No LAG***Events and Invasions 100%***FULL SPOTS***RING PVP Lorencia****PVP Arena****Be a NoobWarrior! Join

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  • RF Pain

    New RF server, x100-x200 rated, lv 55 CAP,Game CP, Daily quest, ELF Map 50-55, Free 7 days PS for newbies, active GM's, weekly events! No Donations!

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  • ForsakenLandOfMU


    Play to Win System, MU, MU online, Season 6 episode 3 private server, Battle Core, private MU online, free to play, mmorpg, auto play, free rpg, Free2Play, PVP, multi client and jewels

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  • Infernal WoW Project

    New private server that was born in November 2019, we are a French and English speaking community, we currently have 2 realms 100% operational including Ragnaros 1.12.1 with a rate xp/drop Blizzlike x1 and Frostmourne 3.3.5a with a rate xp/drop x10.

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  • RF Equilibrium Return 55

    The Best Semi PVP Server since 2011 - Max Lv 55 - Exp x2500 - Drop Rate x12 - All PT and Skill/Force GM- No Donate Items - Real Money Trading - Damage Defense Official CCR - Ready event : - Event Merger - Event Real Money - Event Guild And manymore

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  • Haunted Fatality Ragnarok Online

    Classic feels High Rate Server 2-2Transcendent Job Frost Server PK Server Gepard Protection All function PK WOE Semi-Farming server No Bias GM Event GM with Limited Commands RMS BASED Server with a little customization to add some spice in the game

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  • The most notable shift to RuneScape includes a brand new

    The most notable shift to RuneScape includes a brand new, re-designed user interface. The Backpack bar is gone, along with the icons now hug the bounds of whatever device you are currently playing on. The layout of the battle buttons have been enhanc

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  • Calliope2 Global server 2015 2019 1600 online

    Calliope2 Global server 2015 2019 1600 online

    Welcome to Calliope2. Our server is online since March 2015. A lot of updates with a classic gameplay. Our welcome gift for all new characters: A pet, a mount and an amulet.

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  • AzureMS [KMS V316] - [Active Development] - [Alpha Stage] - [Custom Content]

    AzureMS [KMS V316] - [Active Development] - [Alpha Stage] - [Custom Content]

    If you'd like an nice and workable Rebirth System to enjoy with your friends, you probably will be in the right place! Our server provides custom content that you will fully enjoy and regain the nostalgia for either you want the nostalgia of KMS or h

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  • RevitalizeMU - Season 3 Downgraded

    Stable & Better Gameplay, PvP & PvM, Good Anti Hack System, 5000x Experience Rate, 70% Drop Rate, Unlimited Reset w/ Grand Reset Support, No Custom Items, Weekly Castle Siege, Active Staff, Daily Events hosted by our Staff

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  • OptixRAN Classic - GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER 17 2019

    OptixRAN Classic - GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER 17 2019

    Game Play based on Ran Online 2008 version with latest features - Max Level: 210 - Max Skill: 157 - 4 Class Character - 24/7 Dedicated Server - DDoS Protected Server - In-game anti-cheat detection. Server Opens on November 17, 2019 - Visit our Facebo

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  • Fortiive

    Your customers deserve the best you can offer. Join hands with Fortifive and think your way to stay ahead with scalable, reliable and manageable mobile apps. Because a lot of mobile phone manufacturers use the Android system and iOS is only used by A

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  • Metin2BM

    Nivel maxim 120. Evenimente s?pt?mânale.

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  • RagnarokAurum - Ragnarok Online

    10k/10k/1k Dynamic Rates - Highrate Server based from DarkRO/OsRO/StreamSideRO with Balanced Custom Classes - Unique Reward System - Unique WoE & PvP System - Stable & Dedicated Server/Staff - Join our Community Today!

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  • EmpireMS

    Looking for Alpha Tester for my Server v0.83 (Server v0.04). All PQ's work, new custom WZ, Full HD Client, and more !.

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  • MuIngrid Season 6

    MUIngrid MuOnLine Season 6 Are you ready for the challenge Basic info:Experience: 50xDrop Rate: 20Points per level: 5/6/7Maximum stats: 65 000Reset level: 400 Server Hosting NetWork 2015-2019

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  • Apex Ran Online - Classic 6Class

    Angkas in Vehicle/Bike,VIP System,Activity quest system,Anti Cheat ServerSide Activity Points & Contribution Points Shop,Official Gunner (Summon),Official Extreme (Not Reboot) Official Episode 7 ran online ran ph based,Pots based,Lvl 210 Max,Lvl 7~16

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  • PKO Fantasy Online

    PKO Fantasy Online

    Server Official Online Status !!! Server Rates: Medium - PK - Farm Player Enter Lv Max Fairy-Growth Pet 5000x Lv Max Pet 75 ( Lv62-75 Need Improveds Fruits ) Register: Discord Invite:

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  • MapleRohen - [Official Released on 16 November]  [HP WASH OPTIONAL] [HD CLIENT]

    MapleRohen - [Official Released on 16 November] [HP WASH OPTIONAL] [HD CLIENT]

    MapleRohen - [GMS-like v83] the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! Updates: Weekly updates which include New items / features Are you looking for the best OldSchool Maplestory experience? Join us Today! [100% working skills] [All job

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  • E-WoW

    Fun Server Custom Tiers Haste Patch Custom and scripted Instances Custom Quests Custom Mall Custom Bosses

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  • Neo RAN Classic EP7 - Taiwan Skills

    Neo RAN Classic EP7 - Taiwan Skills

    4 Balanced Classes - 210 Max Level - 187 Max Skill (Taiwan Edition 167,177,187) - Farm Based Server - Hunt Based Server - Well Managed Server - Donator vs Non-Donator - EP7 Official Interface

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  • Goleada


    Browser based free football manager game. Create your own team train your players plan your strategy and tactics make substitutes during the live 3D game. Be the best manager

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  • Hell2world International Perfect World

    Hell2world use Perfectworld Version 1.3.6 with 3 Race and 6 Class, have 5.00 ASPD and – 99 Chanting Time Based on Equipment HH80 HH99 HH100 NB, VIP, SVIP, Let’s join together to to reminisce

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  • Trinity Wow wotlk

    -stable core -Most Dungeons and raids Are working -classes and quests Are working -pvp and pvp Welcome Bonus: -Rates x10 at the moment - 1x Character instant Level 80 / Write an ingame Ticket for that!

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  • Arcana FlyFF

    Arcana FlyFF

    Arcana Flyff v15-v18 Active 3rd job/Max Level 160/Rates 300x100x100/Classic Quest Style gameplay/ Petfilter/ Partyfinder/ Perin Converter/ New Currency/ Player own Shop/ Market Shop Vending/ Inventory Sort/ hackshield/ GuildBuff/ And many more. JOIN

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    Are you a content marketer who loves writing your own blogs as well? You can publish them through us and we will help your ideas reach your target audience. All that you need to do is to send a plagiarism free content to us in our content marketing w

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  • Choose us to publish your guest post on home decor

    If you are looking forward to publish your guest post on home decor and encourage others who have interest in home decor, you can undoubtedly choose us. We will publish it for you; however, there will be no financial transaction between the two parti

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    Do you write blogs on home décor? If yes, then we can make your guest post on home décor popular by publishing the content on our site and make it to the search engine results. Write to us if you think you are interested in it.

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  • Sonata KMS V65 [Alpha Testers Wanted] [Active Development]

    Sonata KMS V65 [Alpha Testers Wanted] [Active Development]

    We are a KMS private server with active development, we're currently trying to add more features in game and are open to feedback and suggestions. Our rates are currentlty 10x EXP 2x Drop 2x Meso 5x Quest. We offer fair and balanced gameplay and are

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