Try OurMS! A New server started officially on 14 February 2019! Progressive Rates for EXP from 4x to 12x, MESOS 1x and DROPS 3x!! Global monster's drops includes premium currency, maple leaves, chaos scrolls, 1%/3%/5%/20% clean slate scrolls, white scrolls, smegas, flaming feathers and perfect pitches. 2x/3x experience card and 2x drop card available, the effect stacks on top of server's rate and player's rate. Special item (EQ and accessories) crafting NPC in a few towns, for you to explore and discover. NPC in FM trades your perfect pitch for rare item. Bosses like Zakum, Scarlion & Targa, HT, Pap, CWKPQ etc. Equipments level up from 1 to 30

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