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Welcome to MapleUnity! 

v0.62 GMS but with lots of content from other regions
2x EXP
3x Party Quest EXP
4x Quest EXP

Balanced Classes and Items
Check out all of our Features, Gameplay, and Balancing Changes on our website. 
We try to balance out the classes so you can make a character that you really want to play! 

Mastery Book Changes
We've done some Mastery Book Changes that are completely different from what you may be familiar with. 

No HP Washing

No AFK Leeching

No Vote-to-Win
Unity Cash are used only for cosmetic cash items in the Cash Shop. All items that affect the game (Merchants, Messengers, Tele Rocks), increasing inventory and storage slots are bought with mesos. You can also vote with multiple accounts.

No Pay-to-Win
Donor Cash, just like Unity Cash, only be used for (exclusive) cosmetic cash items in the Cash Shop.

Toggle your UI to take great screenshots in UnityLauncher!

Controller Support 
Play MapleUnity on your controller, toggle the option in the UnityLauncher!

Come join us if you want an active gameplay experience!

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