*COMING SOON* A v83 GMS-like private server with low rates of 5x/5x/5x and exclusive maps from older version to mid version such as Shanghai, Ulu City and theme dungeon like Chryse!! [All Quests Working To Keep Yourself Occupied As You Level] [Monster Carnival] [PQs] [Unbiased Daily Reward] [Real-time Event Quests] [GM Buff] [Aran] [Crafting] [Perfect Pitch] [Many More!!]. Gain NX as you play and earn 5,000 NX everyday from Daily Reward! Participate in GMS-like Party Quests such as Kerning, Ludi, Monster Carnival, Pirate PQ etc. Obtain Zakum Helmet as you reach level 50! Venture into exclusive classic map like Shanghai as well as theme dungeons consisting of Kerning Square, Mushking, Floating Island Of Chryse!

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