MapleDestiny - In-development, v86 and beyond


Maple Destiny
Upcoming low-rate MapleStory v86-like server 

After 7 years of activity, Maple Destiny is going back in the workshop to undergo a complete remake, from the very core (a fully-custom client and server source) to never-before-altered features (equipment upgrade system, custom class mechanics).

Our story

Maple Destiny was initially opened as a tribute server to the old DestinyMS. We first opened our doors to players on March 9th, 2012 as beta, and received an overwhelming amount of support.

We've always tried to offer a warming sense of community, pouring love and attention into each and every single content release we made.

Early 2016 was the time of our server wipe, after which we continued progressing and building experience aimed at our ultimate goal: creating a unique and enjoyable environment, for the casual player to spend their time relaxing, and for the hardcore player to measure themselves with newer and newer challenges.

Now, in mid 2019, we believe we're ready to write the next chapter of our story.

Our future

Where will our development bring us? Will we manage to achieve what we're set to look for?

We can't yet answer those questions, and this too, the journey, is part of the fun.

You can be part of it too: our website, forum and Discord server will stay open, and provide constant updates about our progress and our shenanigans, while we explore together what this game could have become if things were made our way.

We will also be welcoming game tester applications throughout our whole development process: if you feel like going the extra mile to leave your mark in our server, send your application on our forums any time.


Are you interested?

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