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Ignite Flyff - New Cluster available now
DPS Meter Invasion System No P2W FFA Farming Low Rate Friendly World Boss System
Custom Content & Features | Custom PK | Custom Systems | Vote Rewards | Frequent Updates | No P2W | Farm & Fun | PvP | Low Rate
V15 Custom Systems Custom Content & Features Custom PK Custom Systems Vote Rewards Frequent Updates No P2W Farm & Fun PvP Farming Low Rate
Dragon Cross Flyff Server - Multilanguage
Deutscher Flyff Pserver seit 2011 mit echtem Profession System (Angler, Schmied, Sammler, Händler & Pet Tamer)! 4.Jobklasse mit neuen Skills, echte Reit- und Flug Mounts, Modelviewer für Items, Pets und Mounts, Ftool Ingame und Systeme, die KEIN anderer Pserver hat, worauf wartest Du?
V22 Multilanguage Modelviewer Pets und Mounts Profession System Not Pay2win 4th Job Real Mounts Beginner Items Rebirth Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs
GLOBAL FLYFF - 2013 French,English Server
HIGH RATES SERVER? Exp: x9999 Penya: x9999 Drop: x9999 HP up to 100b Mount System Red chips drop event x5 For newbie reward Active Guild war Everyday Active Siege Everyday Active Secret Room Everyday All items are huntable Perin/RC/RP (NO DONATE ITEMS) Balanced Gameplay Global Flyff since 2016 ...
Farm to Win Server Active PVP V15 V19 V20 multilanguage Farming Server Hybrid / High Rate High Rate Custom Models Über 1200 aktive Spieler Farm & Fun PvP FFA Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege High Rate
AirFlyFF Latino
[CODIGO DE DISCORD: wxkE7f7] AirFlyFF [All Rates x5]. Traducido completamente para Latino América, GMs Activos de habla hispana. Flyff v16, Siege 3 veces a la semana, tenemos todas las misiones funcionando a la perfección y en español. Ademas el juego ira avanzando semana tras semana superando ve...
v16 Farming Server Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Active Community Vote Rewards Farming Low Rate Guild Siege
EXP: 100, PENYA: 150, DROP: Custom- Mi und Samstag Community Day Events! - IG Donate Coupon Farmen! - Anarchysystem - Lord System 7 Tage - MonsterBuffs - ServerBuffs - PartyBuffs - PlayerBuffs - VoteBuff - AzriaGiants für erstes EQ - Neues Waffensystem - 3x GuildWar - Secret-Room Belohnungen - S/1...
Vote Rewards Custom Systeme Free Starting Gear Fun Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Mid Low Rate Friendly
Shade of Fantasy
[New Server!] [EXP 200x] [Drop 60x] [Penya 75x] [World Bosses] [Pet Model Change] [BattleGround] [Guildbuffs] [Custom Maps/Dungeons] [Rebirth] [Rarity] [Extended Inventory] [many more Features] [Join now!]
V19 No Pay-To-Win Active Community Custom Systems Mid Rate Farming Guild Siege
Mighty Flyff [Closed Beta] [Closed Beta] [Mid-Rate] [Farm Server] [Custom Systems: Teleporter, Party Finder, Dungeon Tokens, New Dungeons, New Maps, New Upgrades] [Looking for Beta Testers!]
V15 V19 Active Discord Old Interface Custom Content & Features Custom Systems Vote Rewards Old School No P2W Fresh Server Mid Rate Donate Farming Ingame Farming
Gama Flyff Sea
We are happy to present our new Flyff serve, with active GMs,[Max Level 150] [3rd Job] [Custom Systems] [EXPx250] [PENYAx250] [CUSTOM DROP] In addition, the game promises improvements, adding items and worlds to have fun.
Guild Siege Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord V15 Active Community Vote Rewards No P2W Fun Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege Guild Siege
Ishirut Flyff
Flyff Ishirut OBT - Open PHP Buy n sell - v15 Classic gameplay with unique features - Max level 185 - Free all kinds of skins in wiki - (type /wiki hold shift and double click item in wiki) - No overpower items - Best items ingame (Legendary weapons &105; - 120 armors) - Level 1- 60 rare items ( NPC...
V15 Global PVP No P2W Beginner Items FFA Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly Guild Siege High Rate
Arsaniann World
Arsaniann est un offi-like nouvellement relancé par son administrateur Aluna, relativement basique mais avec de nombreuses nouveautés! Les rates sont officielles mais la montée des niveaux est jalonnée de quêtes qui en plus de l\'expérience vous offrent de l\'équipement! De plus, les administ...
V15 No P2W Farming Low Rate Old School
Dragon Cross Lowrate Flyff Pserver
Als einziger Flyff Pserver seit 2011 haben wir echte Reit- und Flug Mounts, die sich nicht statisch durch die Gegend buggen, sondern richtig animiert wurden! Wir haben ein Auktionshaus, welches KEIN anderer Pserver besitzt, wir bieten das Tabbed Inv, 3D Custom Maps, Waffen und Monster, eine 4. Jobkl...
Lowrate Multilanguage V21 Real Fly Mounts Blackmarket Not Pay2win Vote Rewards Tabbed Inv 4th Job Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Guild Siege
Humid FlyFF [High Rate] Bringing you the ultimate FlyFF experience! Our goal is set to be the most helpful we can be towards our playerbase. With daily events and rewards from our professional, well trained and hand picked staff, we are giving you the optimal drive to be a part of the amazing community we have. Join now!
Wingmasks Custom Items Beginner Items Farming Server Farm to Win Server Old School Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems Active Discord Multilanguage V15 V17 Glows Active Community Discord Integration Custom Systems Frequent Updates Free Starting Gear Farming Friendly High Rate
Abyss Flyff
Launches at some point. come join us.
V19 Fresh Server Free Starting Gear Fun PvP Beginner Items FFA Farming Free To Win Mid Low Rate Friendly