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Welcome home, Champion. Fresh WoTLK 3 3 5a Server Online Create Account: http://wow.smisc.net/ Download Client: http://www.warmane.com/download Change the realmlist: Go to your newly downloaded WoW folder extracted and navigate to Data, enUS and find the Realmlist.wtf file. Open Realmlist.wtf with wordpad or textedit or whatever you prefer. Change it to set realmlist smisc.net Save the file somewhere on the computer and drag it into the enUS folder (it won't let you override the file otherwise) Set wow.exe to run as admin: go back to the root WoW folder and right click wow.exe go to properties, compatibility and check run as administrator 10x XP and money rates 1.65x movement speed 10g starting currency all flightpaths discovered no flight time. instant FPs all dungeons and raids scripted and working client has enhanced WoD character models

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