World of The Gods 335a-735-LvL255-HR


World of the Gods realms details:  

The Gods 255 - WotLK 3.3.5a - max. level 255, New World with awesome custom locations, Welcome vendor with customs, Now all Battlegrounds and Arenas working, level Roads with custom drop, custom Items with super stats 50k+ dmg, custom Instances, custom Mounts, Quests and scripted Events, TAXI and Miniteleporter, MALL\'s Non-PvP and PvP, Custom Ruby Sanctum and Naxxramas instances, a lot of Free Items, ~~Custom commands like: .buff and .mall, PvP KillStreak System, you can play with All Races All Classes; Transmogrification system; nice custom Events, Instant Enchants and more in game.

Legion of the Gods - 7.3.5 - this server is high-rate with great content and many unique fixes.

Enjoy our server!

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