WoW-Freakz - Legion and Instant 90 MoP



  • All mechanics working:
  • World / Emissary Quests
  • Mythic+ dungeons
  • Artifacts (with Knowledge and quest chains)
  • World Legendaries drop
  • Class Order Halls
  • Bonus objectives
  • World scaling
  • PvP Scaling
  • Garrisons
  • Premade group finder
  • Honor system
  • Vignette on map
  • Quest chains
  • Pet battles
  • Anti-hack
  • and much, much more



  • Pet Battles
  • Fully achievable Loremaster
  • Fully working Guild System
  • Fully working Item Upgrade, Reforge, Transmogrification & Void Storage
  • Fully working World Events (including weekend Fishing Events)

Unique Freakz Features

  • Database Readers - The following scripts read data directly from our database and are 100% precise. Their names should be self-explanatory 
  • Item Finder
  • NPC Finder
  • Object Finder
  • Quest Finder
  • Spell Reader

PvE - Features particularly made to help you with various activities in-game. 

  • Raid Finder (Custom made, not the Blizzard one) 
  • Raid Finder Quest to help you with the gearing-up process 
  • Boss Timers to maintain a high level of competition between guilds 
  • Cross-faction Dungeon Finder & Raid Finder to lower the queue waiting time. 
  • Command to see the raid cooldowns/item-level of a specific player (.cd / .ilvl) 

PvP - Features particularly made to help you with various activites in-game

  • Arena Ready Crystal - When both teams are ready, arena start timer will be set to 15 seconds.
  • Arena Spectate (includes the ability to see who's spectating) 
  • Command to see 3v3 queued teams (.3v3) 
  • Weekly PvP Quest to Win 30 3v3 Rated Arenas 
  • NPC with Elite T2 Weapons for 2000 3v3 Rating 
  • NPC with PvP Tabards/Mounts for 1850 to 2350 3v3 Rating 
  • Challenge (1v1 to 5v5) 
  • Gurubashi Treasure Chest
  • Command to enable/disable spell-queue (.spellqueue on/off)



  • Unique Leveling Experience
  • Recover Deleted Items 
  • Recover Items from Rollback/Vote 
  • Customizable Rates 
  • Arena Points/Cap Calculator 
  • 5.4.8 Addons 
  • Great Vote Shop 


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