Therebirth 1.12.1 1x rates


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Posted By Eunuck


Join and relive classic (1.12.1) wow how It used to be. All rates at 1x, Great scripts. Great community, stable server with no lag. Servers is located in several locations, both in Europe and USA. » Functional pathfinding. » Every Dungeon from 1-60 is fully scripted including UBRS. » Almost 100% of all quests are fully working. » Class and Talent bugs are almost non existent. » Fully scripted raids. » BG\\\'s are fully operational. » Molten Core and Zul\\\'Gurub are completely scripted. » BWL has recently opened. » Incredible dedicated Host and nice, understading GM\\\'s. » [b]NO DONATIONS[/b] at all, not a single penny is needed to keep this running and ofc no rewards whatsoever. Much time has been invested in this server and there is no other server out there that offers the same quality that Therebirth does. It\\\'s your chance to have that nostalgic moment once again while you explore azeroth, fight ancient evil and draw sword with your opposing faction. this is your time, this is our time, this time last [b]FOREVER[/b]. you will not regret you time here as you will be a part of our community, our family. no one is rejected or disawowed. And remember, have fun and hope to see you ingame.

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