COMING SOON.Open Registration Account! Title: DRAGONBORN x300 Ratings: X300 experience Reputation x10 Everything else x1. Why x1? - enjoy the game, as you don’t need gold for training! Auto-learning of all class abilities when gaining a level. The game world has the feature of gradually opening content, as it was on the official server, at the time of the release of the Lich King. The full timeline can be found in official sources and knowledge bases related to the game. From the add-ons in the game world you will see: Auto-learning abilities; Teleport master for honor points; Master transmogrification of items; Outdor zone (at the penultimate stage of opening content); Of the features we want to highlight: Lack of relevant items in the donate (except for the last stage); The lack of donate relevant legendary items; The lack of equipment from raid dungeons of heroic complexity in the donat; A VIP will be added in your account, which will consist of three ranks: “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”. Silver increases all ratings except experience by 2 times. Gold - 5 times, and also adds access anywhere in the world access to the bank, auction and guild bank. Platinum - increases everything except experience by 10 times, adds all the Gold status functionality, and also provides access to the menu with free family items. (Will be available no earlier than the second stage of content discovery); I will not tell you about the performance of our worlds, you will see everything with your own eyes; The server launcher will allow you to always stay up to date with all the promotions and contests, thanks to the news feed, as well as always update your client and automatically clean the cache folder; 2 anti-cheats will make the game fair and equal between all players; The server is located on several powerful servers, with excellent protection against DDOS attacks, which will allow players to play quietly and with minimal delay; Stable in-game events with insignificant in the game, but very pleasant prizes; Seasons of the arena with a prize fund and cash prizes for obtaining legendary achievements;

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