PrivateDragon 335a WotLK Modded Server


BRAND NEW 10x EXP, CUSTOM VENDORS, DUNGEON SCALING, ABSOLUTELY ZERO P2W. Characters are placed into a guild upon creation. Alliance has a guild and so does Horde. You're free to create your own, but welcome to stay in the server guilds. This is the best way to find people to raid/pvp/dungeon with and contact a GM outside of tickets. This server is BRAND NEW! Instances are locked past 3.0 for now, we will be unlocking raids as the server progresses. Everything works. While the server is building a population, players have access to things that may or may not stay in game. Players are considered beta testers at this time. ACTIVE GM'S. Server is currently PVE. Arena's and bg's and all instances work properly. For any questions/issues, in game, feel free to use the ticket system.

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