Emerald Sanctum


Here at Emerald Sanctum we have just one policy, have fun You can expect a truly Blizzlike experience including 1X rates, no custom items, and all the joy and pain that occurs playing Blizzlike. You can rest assured here knowing that we will never become a pay2win server. Our store will never contain any items that players can gather thru the game.

We are a relatively new server on the block, but we do have a full staff and several loyal players. Unlike so many servers that have went the PvP route we have decided to focus and deliver the best PvE content possible. We will begin our journey together on Classic WOW patch 1.2 all the way till patch 1.12. Once we have finished the progression of Classic all characters will be copied and placed on our Burning Crusade realm. The Classic realm will always stay open for those who prefer to play on Classic WOW. This process will continue for each expansion as long as our players desire.

So if your looking for a fresh start, or just want to experience the game progressively while making some new friends then come check us out.

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