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i want to introduce my 2.4.3 funrealm Zandalari which running under Alpha-Realms Project. We can offer fully scripted instances, balanced pvp & pve and also lag-free server. Project specifications below. You can also check our youtube channel to get more info.

Website :

Create Account : Register

Realmlist : set realmlist

Launcher Download (50mb Patch + 8mb wow.exe) : AlphaRealmsLauncher

Youtube : Alpha Realms Project

**Server Info :

**Start Level : 1

Max Level : 70

Start HP : +- 50k

Max HP : +- 4m

Shop : both sides togerher

Duel Area : both sides toger

PvP/PvE: yes

Custom Content : yes

Custom Patch : yes (not needed to play)

Launcher : yesAnticheat : yes  (movement to catch all hacks)

Warden : yes (kick on check)

Core : Unknown : Revision 521 ( real 14000+)

Honor Rate : 3-5x depend on player boost

Arena Points flush : 4 days

Why is Zandalari that different than other realms?

First thing which you can find ingame is separated items [ Tank,Heal,Spell Damage,Melee Damage,Ranged Damage]. So we hope that this thing makes a funserver littlebit real for bigger community of players. We got lot of option in editing damage/single spells - our core gives us chance to balance pvp/pve much better. Every class got separated melee/ranged/spell/heal in our config so we can just change the value for example from 1.0 to 1.1, realod config and yeah here we go +10% buff damage. Anyway all spells got own script in core and also we converted all important/possible spells to percentual.


- Stockade/Ragefire  - Fully scripted (depend on faction)

- AQ40 (just a part) - Fully scripted 

- Blackwing Lair - Fully scripted 

- Black Temple - Fully scripted 

- Karazhan - Fully scripted (include Chess Event/Opera/Netherspite[Portals])

- Hyjal Summit - Fully scripted

Other instances in use- Hellfire Ramparts- Shattered Halls

Working Class Content

- Warrior - 100%

- Paladin - 100%

- Shaman - 100%

- Hunter - 99% (we want to find a use for disengage)

- Druid - 100%

- Rogue - 100%

- Priest - 100%

- Mage - 99% ( Molten Armor - not yet updated)

- Warlock 100%

Custom Patch Data

- Right click to equip item(custom ones)

- Spells

- Extended Costs

- Item Icon/Other Icons

- Mounts

- Hunter Pets/Druid Forms + Moonfire/Warlock Pets + Mounts/ Paladin Mounts

**Active Features?**

Karazhan Chess Event




Re-race npc

Gender Change npc

Guild Teleporter

Played Time Golds/Points


TOP 5 npc (Kills/Played Time)




Arena Crystals

Movement Anticheat

WardenPassive Anticheat

C++ Guards


Barber npc

Future of our TBC realm?- Achivements- Custom BG + Arena- Custom Maps- Set/Weapon models from latest expansionsYeah! We can completly edit client/core, stay tuned for more!

Also we got Facebook , Instagram  and Discord Server

Enjoy your game! 

Btw - Iam sorry for my english in this post (already trying to improve).

Best Regards , 


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