[MasterWoW] Eternion-WoW [Haste Server since 2017]


[2 Realm - Fun / Blizzlike (Normal x8)]

[Haste server like old eternion-wow haste server.]

[All Classes have Steal Health with Hits]

[Custom Items & Upgradeable]

[Balanced Classes (Tested)]

[ Fast Attack speed + Haste ]

[ Farm + Solo + Raid & Group ]

[World Chat /o ]

[Haste Rating x3] [Spell Power x3] [Ranged Attack Power x2]

[Free Rewards (Daily)(5 Hours play)(Kills)(Duel win)(Recruit Friend)(VOTE)]

[ New Server ]

[All Classes for All Races]

[Weekly Update]

[3.3.5a], [100 Level Cap],[Custom Quests] [Custom Mall], [Custom Bosses]


World Of Warcraft free fun and blizzlike (Normal) 3.3.5a Server

Server WoW Fun

WoW Haste Server

World of Warcraft 3.3.5 normal server

Server WoW Irani

Server Normal Irani

Server Fun Irani

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