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Alpha-realms WoW Server
High quality custom content The Burning Crusade server. With custom website and game features you will never get bored. Constant updates and development provide dynamic game environment and stable server.
The Burning Crusade Custom Scripts Raids Arenas Friendly Staff PvP Crossfaction Fun Realm Battlegrounds Custom Events All Proffessions
Would you like to try a custom fun server on Burning Crusade? Then check out these useful informations about the server! - level your character in our exp zone from level 1 to 200 - progress through our content to get many of our custom items - teleporter, that can take you to all important areas ...
The Burning Crusade Fun Realm
Server with reset ID command .i u all, u can go any raid everytime u want. Fully scripted lvl 80 content, crossfaction. Groups of 3+ new players gain level80 boost +25k golds +300 EoF. Instant proffesions + vendors in can change difficulty normal / heroic in raid, WQs are DQs all in 1 day. NEW:...
3.3.5.a Wrath of The Lich King No Lag Transmogrifier No Bugs Friendly Staff Crossfaction Fun Realm
GigaFun server 80 level. Custom items, mounts... Open 6 dungeon pve. Pve sets and Pvp sets. \"Speak Slovak and Czech.\"
3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King Custom Scripts Fun Realm Battlegrounds Custom Events
Deffender WotLK 335a
To be defined...
Wrath of The Lich King

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