Pandora Ultima Online [Dedicated Server]


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Pandora Ultima Online is one of if not the Top Free UO Shard in the World. We patch in Publishes often, just like a top tier game should to bring in new content, systems, monsters, dungeons, and more. We were the first free UO Shard with Stygian Abyss, now we are the first with High Seas. We are always up with the latest client to make sure our players have everything Ultima Online has to offer. We have been voted by many websites, as the most balanced, the most content, and the all around best gameplay for any Ultima Online shard.  We have a pure balance of PvP or PvM, full Imbuing and crafting systems... Too many wonderful features to list here ---- Who will you be? Human, Elfs, and Gargoyles...Easy to start, hard to leave. Welcome to the best Ultima Online shard in the world. PANDORA.

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