Olympus UO


Olympus UO is a RunUO 2.0 Server with Friendly Staff and many things to do, based off the Greek Mythology Olympus is an all in one PvP/PvM/RP. Filled with over 30+ quests and over 100+ custom mobiles to collect armor and other items from, Olympus UO also has other fun systems for your enjoyment! Olympus UO is has fel rules set to all facets but we have a few safe places. 2 Houses per Account/2 Accounts Per IP. Players start with 100 in all stats and 60 in all skills. Olympus UO uses client patch and the patch file is on our website, if u need the whole client just pm zeus on website, Come Give us a Try today! and Join the fun! The First 5 player's will be given a welcome gift from the staff team. IP: olympusuo.ddns.net Port: 2593 Note: We have resolved all known bugs but if you find one report it to the staff team and you could be rewarded. Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/olympusuodevteam/ www.olympusuo.com

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