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Mystical Unicorn the 2nd Coming
Running on a dedicated machine with a Gigabit Connection - 500 stat cap with unlimited skill gain, No pvp only Pvm. custom drop system, custom dungeons, Evo pets & mercs & lots more. We are a family friendly shard! come check us out!
Mondains Legacy
UOTopia The New Age
Experience The Masterpiece Of Custom UO & OSI Clone Gameplay Combined! Pre-T2a/Renaissance Era Nostalgia Meets New-School Era Gameplay! Highspeed Dedicated Kaby-Lake Connection, LOW Pings! 3+ Years Development, Fast-Paced Enhanced & Accelerated PvM/PvP/Spells Combat System, Intricately Master-Design...
High Seas Time Of Legends Custom Shard Custom Combat T2A Stygian Abyss Mondains Legacy Kingdom Reborn Samurai Empire Age Of Shadows 3rd Dawn Renaissance Pre-T2A
Akara Essex Ultima Online Freeshard
Roleplaying Shard with Custom Map, Town Invasions & Instanced Dungeons for Party Raids, Our Own Private Level System,Custom Ores -Leathers - Wood Unique only to us Golems, Evo Dragons, PVP & PVM, Events, Experienced Staff and Much More.....
T2A Stygian Abyss Mondains Legacy Age Of Shadows Renaissance
AlternateUO - Ultima Online Shard
Alternate UO is a unique custom era shard. A fully custom lovely designed PvP/PvM level system with the focus on melee/range . Magery is used a tool to buff and debuff. Custom Unique NPC/Boss mechanics.
Mondains Legacy
Clutch UO
ml.clutch.net 2593 Clutch.Net has just launched a brand new no-frills hardcore PvM shard. The new shard is Siege Perilous with a twist, consensual PvP only! Set in the Mondain\'s Legacy era, Clutch offers all Champion Spawns and Felucca advantages, but with Trammel rules. Players won\'t have to worr...
Mondains Legacy
UO Extinction
UO Extinction [Dedicate Server] [AOS/ML/SE/SA/TOL] New ENG shard with new content every week! No skill caps, 350 stat cap, fast skill and stats gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 190+ Quests, Custom crafting, Mature & Experienced Staff, Friendly Community and Custom Staff Event e...
Renaissance Age Of Shadows Samurai Empire Kingdom Reborn Mondains Legacy Stygian Abyss T2A
Hell's WS - Zulu Hotel First Age Based - Warshard
Warshard based on Scripts Zulu Hotel First Age. Start level 5 (145 all class skills). Start kit. Auto-Account - Ready to Hunt! Dedicated Server.