Hardcore Ultima Online Shards

Top 100 Hardcore Ultima Online Shards

UOTopia The New Age
Experience The Masterpiece Of Custom UO & OSI Clone Gameplay Combined! Pre-T2a/Renaissance Era Nostalgia Meets New-School Era Gameplay! Highspeed Dedicated Kaby-Lake Connection, LOW Pings! 3+ Years Development, Fast-Paced Enhanced & Accelerated PvM/PvP/Spells Combat System, Intricately Master-Design...
High Seas Time Of Legends Custom Shard Custom Combat T2A Stygian Abyss Mondains Legacy Kingdom Reborn Samurai Empire Age Of Shadows 3rd Dawn Renaissance Pre-T2A PvP PvE Quests Events Craft Hardcore Newbie Friendly
NoTramAoS A No Trammel Age of Shadows PVP Server
No Trammel • Open PvP • Crafted from Defiance [DFI] and AoS Longevity Original Code • Daily CTF + Daily Pentagram Event • Daily Duel Arena Event • Dedicated Dual XENON Server • Hunter BODs • Hidden Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency • 720 Skill Cap • 250 Stat Cap • Fast Start • No Pay ...
Age Of Shadows PvP PvE Quests Events Craft Hardcore Newbie Friendly
OLDP - Active Classic PvP and PvE Server - 150 Online
Feel the true Classic Ultima Online experience. We invite you to our newest server! Gifts and experience boosts for new players.
SphereServer Classic Ultima Online Renaissance PvP PvE Quests Events Craft Hardcore Newbie Friendly
Felucca rules everywhere with trammel and illshenar. DISCORD - https://discord.gg/V34tAF
Renaissance Hardcore