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Top 100 Canada Ultima Online Shards

Legends of Sosaria
Newly re-opened! 1 Accounts Per Player. New players start with a codex to set 5 skills to 100, as well as a new player dungeon/quest (provides full set of gear & weapon upon completion), new player champ & a power hour cloak available to players under 90 days account age! No Skill Cap, 300 Starting ...
Custom Shard Newbie Friendly Craft Events Quests
Darkness Once Forsaken
Darkness Once Forsaken No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap with scrolls. Hundreds of custom quests, monsters, items, deco and tamables. Bio-Engineering, Custom Crafting, Custom Graphics and Items.
World At War Reborn
1000+ Items and Npcs, Quest , Level System, 100 All Skills NO macroing needed , jump right into action. No guards, PvP world wide . Join us for fun ,old school shard around since 2001
Era : renaissance