Server Rates: HAMACHI SERVER ------Help us not to be hamachi server =) Max Lvl: 150 Max Pet Lv: 120 Solo-Exp Rate: 20x Party Exp Rate: 40x Drop Rate: 25x Fairy Growth: 500x Server Features & Informations Maps: new Argent City Shaitan City Icicle Village Dream City Region of Demons Astral City Haunted Forest Dungeon PK NightmarePK Chaos Argent Chaos Icicle Demonic World (1-2) Dark Swamp (1-3) Arena (1-3) Circle of Death Gems: Black Dragon Gems: Can obtain by killing BD Mobs Azrael Gem: Can obtain by killing BD mobs/Bosses/Win Maps Great Gems: Can obtain by killing Dw2Mobs/Reputation Exchange/Expert Chest CA Advanced Gems: Can obtain by Exchanging 2kals each/Standard Chest CA Unique Gems: Can obtain by Mining/Cutting Woods/DW1 Mobs/1 Kal NPC Gems (Lust, Glow, Shining and more..) Mspd/Aspd Gems: Can obtain by killing mobs in Underworld Novice Ring Gems: Can obtain by killing mobs in Chaos Icicle Jade Gems: Can obtain dw2 Equipments: Lv45-65 Unseal Sets: Available in NPC Lv95 Sets Unseal: Available in NPC Kylin Set: Can be obtain in npc for 10 Kals Corp Kylin Set: Can be obtain by upgrading Kylin Set Grandiose Set: Can be obtain by upgrading Kylin Set Weapons: Lv45-65 Unseal Weapons: Available in NPC shaitan Lv95 Weapons Unseal: Available in NPC Rings: Unique Rings: Available in NPC Lv65-75 Rings: Available in NPC Lv85 Colored Rings(With Effects) can be obtain in Exchanging Sacred Ring of Emblem/Award Center Skill Quest: Hitrate Skill Quest Black Dragon Roar Quest God Mode Quest Crab Binding Quest Farming Information and Drops: Crystal Ore: Drop UGS/Refining Gem/Broken Kal Refining Ore: Drops Refining Gem/Broken Kal Defoliate Pine Tree: Exchange 99x Ash wood for 8m Pine Tree: Exchange 99x Wood for 5m Admiral Cloak ,vip set . new wings , new rings , new apparel

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