Silkroad WS - 400 FREE REBIRTHS





The server is running on 6 dedicated machines full DDOS protected, that will assure you a lag free gameplay. The outstanding design or our website and forum allow you to easily find what information you need. Our qualified staff members will solve all your problems in no-time, and will assure a bot free experience. Fast growing community over 100000 registered accounts and more than 1500 active players. Enough with speaking, let's show you what we got.

Rebirth System.

What is this Rebirth system ?

By definition is meant to make you stronger, giving you 5 additional stat points for every rebirth you make. So, at 400 rebirths you'll have 400*5 + 5*(current level) points, example 400*5 + 5*110 = 2550 points.

How I make a Rebirth ?

In order to rebirth you'll have to level from level 1 to 110. If you think it's harder YOU'RE WRONG ! After a few rebirths you'll be able to rebirth in less than 10 min, and since the server was online for more than 1 year we added 400 free rebirths for every new created character to help you catch up the top players !

Item Forge.

What is Item Forge ?

Item forge is the place where you create every item you want (Armour, Weapon, Shield, Accessory) and also upgrade 11Degree to 12 degree, the items created using Item Forge can have Blues & Stats that are not available via Ingame alchemy system. Ex : 1 Degree Sword with 20 STR Inc.



As you can see In the pictures the prices are stated in VP and XP. VP = Vote Points (obtainable only by voting) and XP = eXtra Points (obtainable from converting Job Temple Coins and Arena Medals or by Donating).

Unique Arena.

An arena filled with uniques, for faster Leveling / Rebirthing and also for collecting coins. The respawn rate is quite faster and the Uniques you can find on that area are Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, Neith and Roc.

Coin System.

Any "Job Temple Uniques" can drop Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold Coins (drop rate is set to 100%) witch can be converted into XP, and the XP can be used to buy Avatars, Items, Silk. You can also convert Arena Medals into XP.



Lottery System.

"The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets are greater than your chances of winning !" ~ anonymous

You can try your luck on our eXtra Points or Vote Points Lottery. The system is created to automatically pick every 2-3 weeks at random based on tickets number, so, the more tickets you have the more chances you got. But keep in mind that even if you got 1000 tickets another player can win with only 1, that's our definition of luck.



Friend Referral System.

We know that having more friends is key to have fun in every online game,so we decided to reward you for making more friends. The system is easy to use, you invite a friend, he starts playing, and when he gets to a certain number of rebirths or Level you will get a reward. The current reward is set to 250 VP when a friend reaches 430 rebirths (Rebirth realm) or level 110 (Normal realm).



Mobile Voting.

We're living in the era of smart phones ! Don't we ? That's why we implemented a unique mobile voting system on our website, allowing you to vote from work, school and so on... faster, without having to log in into your account. Just scan your QR Code, make a bookmark and that's all. 




Daily events.



Starter Pack.

We thought about players that are just starting up and decided to give them a starter pack, to ease the game-play. The starter pack consists of some customized buffs, some items, some gold and skill points, but the part we are most proud of is giving you access to some unused parts of the game, respectively the lower levels Forgotten World.



Donation and Vote Events monthly.

Every month we have x2 - x4 Donation and Voting events for a short period of time, in order to reward you for being a part of the Silkroad.WS Community. Also, we try our best to add a new avatar every month.


If you want to see who is the stronger player on our server or if there is any activity you can check our ranks.
Note : The positions are calculated based on item upgrades and rebirths.

Logs, logs everywhere !!

Logs are the best way to see if something went wrong, that's why we have them on every important feature.



  • Client UI (login screen, logo, launcher) changed.
  • Stats editor.
  • Fortress War countdown.
  • Instant Rebirth.
  • Trade rates increased.
  • Potions, tablets, etc can be stacked.
  • More than 40 days uptime.
  • XP -> VP and VP -> XP Conversion tool.
  • XP / VP -> Silk Conversion tool.
  • More fixes and optimizations



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