Legends Sro PVP PVE D11 Coin System automaticEvents


SERVER INFO Server System : PVP/Coin System/FTW/CTF/BT/More Fun ! Level Cap: 110 Race: Chinese/European Mastery Limit: Chinese - 440, European - 240 Max. Plus Weapons : +16 (no adv) Max. Plus Set,Acc : +16 (no adv) Fortress War : Jangan Fortress Time : Every Monday & Friday at 6.00PM (GMT +2) Battle Arena : Yes Capture the Flag : Yes Automatic Events : Yes New survival arena . Special scrolls like mp hp 5k increase. Godbless & VIP premuim added for coins. Special D11 roc stones and new socket stones added for coins.. Many new features just join us now , i promise that u will gain great fun with us. you start lvl 110 so we made some special scrolls to help you High Performance server DDoS Protected Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount Removed Job penalty Removed Guild penalty

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