Silkroad Online Private Servers in Romania

Top 100 Silkroad Online Private Servers ranked by popularity in Romania

GenX Online
Classic PVE server with Fast Leveling , New System for obtaining rare items , new weapons and uniques
CAP110 Silkroad
SilkNation - Private Server
Free Silk, New Items, New Skills, New Mobs, New Maps, New Uniques, Medium Rates, Bot Allowed, Multi Client, PVP, PVE, PVM, Cap 140, Vote4Silk, Silk/H,...
Sbot Mbot Elitepvpers Silkroad4arab Sro Silkroad pve DG14 CAP140 Multi systems PVP COIN SYSTEM AUTO EVENTS MMORPG PvE Silkroad SRO
energy Online
Cap 110 Old School Race Chinese and Europe Skils Cap 110 Mastery Chz 440 Eur 220 EXP 80x SP 100x Party EXP 100x Drop 90x Gold drop 70x FGW 2x China ba...
CAP110 Silkroad