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Legion Silkroad Online
Legion Silkroad private server 140 CAP 140lv Skills New STYRIA event 15d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade sy...
Radium Online - Cap 110, Job Towns, Start Lv 70, Greatest concept ever seen
We are proud to introduce you all to Radium Online, the most anticipated & sophisticated MMORPG game around. After a great deal of time spent on utili...
Sro Silkroad pve D11 CAP110 AUTOEVENTS Silkroad4arab Elitepvpers Mbot Sbot New System SRO Silkroad PvE MMORPG D11 CAP110 AUTO EVENTS
PureSRO is PVE D14 Server, You will find what you like here, 24/7 Online German Host High Drop New Systems ,Job Based for arena and gold , Free silks ...
ExaySRO 5000x [D14] [Reborn] [Silks][5 Years]
5 Years online. Cap: 130, Skills: 130, EXP: 5000x, GOLD: 375x, DROP: 375x, Easy Alchemy, +15 items at NPC, +24 Weapons in Event with scroll, Change i...
Panda Online Free 1 Million Silk Play 2 Win Server
Free 1 Million Silk - Panda Online is an unique server with all features of the Original Silkroad game, the game we all know and love - Current Cap: 1...
D14 cap130 SRO Silkroad PvE AUTO EVENTS New System
XEON Online
- Free To Play - Play 2 Win - Free Silk - New Unique - New Areas - Vote System - New Special Trade Points Reward System - 24/7 Events - Cap 130 - Skil...
ERON-ONLINE | EUROPE/CHINESE | Race Balanced | Cap 110 | D11 | Mastery: 330 | Solo EXP/SP: x300 | Party EXP/SP: x350 | Item Drop Rate: x150 | Gold Dr...
Sbot Mbot Elitepvpers COIN SYSTEM AUTOEVENTS CAP110 D11 Sro Silkroad pve COIN SYSTEM AUTO EVENTS CAP110 D11 MMORPG PvE Silkroad SRO
Asatru l Cap 80 l Only CH l Only Jangan l Activity Based l New Quest l Recycle System
Sro Silkroad pve Silkroad
Hypnos Online
Cap 110 CH&EU; Old System Balanced Classes Free Silk Long Term
Sro Silkroad pve
Valtyr l Cap 80 l Low Rates l Old School l Auto Event l Open Since18-04-2017 l
Athens Silkroad 120 cap 12D
Athens EUROPE/CHINESE Race Balanced Cap 120 D12 Mastery: 360 Ch / EU 240 Solo EXP x90 SP: 4 Party EXP x 90 / SP x 4 Item Drop Rate: x 7 Gold D...
[ChillOut-Silkroad Online]Cap 130 14Dgr
New Futures and more you can find here
lv 140 D14 AUTOEVENTS Sro Silkroad pve
Syntix - Reliving the Nostalgia
Launched 14/06/2019 populated with 800/1000 Make sure to reserve your spot on your long term well managed server Syntix.[D10 ] [CH] [Job/Activity Bas...
eternal online
CAP 110 Race CH&EU; EXP/SP X15 EXP/SP (Party) X20 Gold X1 Drop X2 Alchemy X2
Rectos / Server cape 110 / PVE / System Silk,Gold,Coins. / Race [ European - Chinese ] /
110 Cap 100x EXP 150x Party EXP PLAY2WIN Alchemy 3x 2 SILKHOUR Vote4Silk Active Staff
Mystical Online
Cap 100 Exp 40x Party Exp 60x Alchemy Rate 1x Gold 10x Drop Rate 10x Race Balanced YES Guild & Union Emblem ENABLED Capture The Flag DISABLED Battle A...
Elitepvpers degree 10, pve New System Silkroad AUTO EVENTS COIN SYSTEM CAP100 New System
Dymer Online Cap 80 Free Silk Job Based Oldschool
Dymer Online is an old-school 80cap private server created by Dizzie, Silverlight and Simulation. It is based on the latest Dymer revision with a set ...
Peridot Silkroad Online
D11 Old School Cap 110 Races Chinese & Europe EXP 30x Party Exp 35x CH-Mastery 360 EU-Mastery 220 Drop Item x5 Drop Gold x3 Magic Pop x5 Stone drops x...
BetaSRO D12 100% Success Rate
PvE Silkroad SRO
Eternos Silkroad Online
Cap 100 Race CH Mastery 300 Exp 25x Party Exp 30x Sp 23x Item Drop 3x Trade 10x Alchemy 3x Max Plus 12 Coin System Yes Jobbing HWID limit 1 Fortress H...
degree 10, pve CAP100
Erythrite Silkroad Online
Cap 110 Old School- EXP Rates 30x- Race Chinese and Europe - Mastery 360 - unique -autoevents - Enable flame fgw to get egy b weapon And more FIND OUT...
Sro Silkroad pve CAP110 PvE
Using our live support or direct contact to GMs or Supporters you will get help really fast. 5 HIGH PERFORMANCE servers ensure NO LAGG. The rates are ...