7 Kingdoms is a custom created server based on the Old i-rose official server files in 2005, How ever we are modded. we hope in time we will re-shape the game to give you all a new and fantastic experience int he world of Rose Online. Our server already have a few new systems and mods that help you and change how you play. For more Details please visit our web pages & discord for news and up coming events. -----------Few new systems----------- *Open World PVP system with Karma. *No Damage limiters (2047) *Races and Special Classes *Infusion System (Development) *Increased Shop Sizes *Increased Storage **Avatar Storage **Item mall Storage *Costume System *Vote For Rewards *Multi UI system *3 configurable hot bars *lvl 1-210 Buff fairy *Key Binding *Auto Loot system *Dual Guns *Level Up rewards and much more! For the Voters! When you have voted by our website links you will gain a 1hr x2 exp scroll. in your Item mall Storage (Located in characters Inventory) Enjoy and thank you for your votes Guys!

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