NUMBER 1 PRIVATE SERVER SA HISTORY NG RAN. COMBINED FORCES EP7 and EP9. ?WorldRanEpisode7 ?(Team Canada/USA) ???? 101% Guaranteed ?ANTI-CHEAT ENABLED!!!! (Legitimate) ?No To Edited Accounts ?No Bias Or Favoritism ?Non-Transparent IGN ?Stable Server Files and Developer? ?24/7 ACTIVE ADMINS ?GOOD COMMUNICATION ?LEGIT FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS ?GOOD QUALITY AND LONG TERM SERVICE 101% ?THE MOST UPDATED SERVER ?AWESOME PRICES ?Friendly Support Staff Episode 7 Gaming: ?Leveling Hunt Based Gaming ?6 Class with Extreme Reboot ?In Game Registration ?Game Information? ?Max Level ( 230 ) ?Max Skill ( 207 ) ?Costume w/ Stats ?Hellion ( Last Weapon ) ?Deistic Set ( Last Set ) ?Craft Item ( Black Dragon ) ?Costume with stat is available ?Accessories Costumes ?No wings gaming ?No jejemon Costumes ?Event Information? ??Club Wars ( Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 8:00pm-9:00pm) ??Tyranny Every ( Every 3 Hours ) ?? Capture the Flag ?? School Wars ?Already fixed? ?Copy stat bugs ?Long range bugs ?Ingame web functions ?Fixed crafting ?Fixed pet bug ?Visual Bugs ?Hp freeze bugs ?In Game Cheat Protection Enabled ?Top donator lastest details on the website. ?Freebies: ?Novice Kit (30 Days) ?7 Days Rosa (2x Exp) ?Hat 7 Days (2x Exp) ?Husky Pet (Permanent) ?Motor (7 Days) ?Back Pack ?Obli E ?MegaPhone (100 pcs)

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