Kingsz Ran Online 6 Class


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Location Japan
Posted By Kenneth Mongaya


PC/ LAPTOP ONLY!! All Character Class is Balance/Dungeon System/War Function Tab/Fix Randomizer/Seak/Max Lvl.230 Last Skill 207/SMOOTH GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY/HUNT BASED SYSTEM/CRAFTING BASED (ACTIVATED)/Active GM's, Admin & Developer/Auto Suryun/Automated Slot Event/Auto Pilot "Press F5"/Auto Pots (Activating Auto Pilot System)/GAMETIME TO BATTLE POINTS/GOLD TO BATTLE POINT CONVERSION/To Open Skill Lvl & Gold Required Only/Map Lvl Required/DDOS PROTECTED SERVER/HACK SHIELD PROTECTED/INGAME FUNCTIONS/INGAME CONVERSION/INGAME TOP-UP Wars:RR, SW, CW, TW, CDM.

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