Kalasag RAN Classic EP4


Server Official UP: September 21, 2019 (Exactly 5:00pm PHT) 



 *Max Level 175
 *Max Skill 157
 *+9 Max Upgrade
 *Unlocked Maps (Level Required Only)
 *Ran PH Skills and Stats
 *Non-Donor Vs Donor Possible
 *Combo Base , Sync Base
 *Midrate Server
 *Character View
 *Item Link
 *4 Class (SW,SH,AR,BR)
*100 % Balance Gameplay

 *Special Features*

*No Premium and Perfect Refines
*GT to VP Convertion
*EP to VP Convertion
* Anti Ddos Protection
*Hack Shield Protection
*Updated Anti Cheat
*100 % Long term dedicated server


*Server PVP Features*

*Club War [M,W,F,Sun] 8:00PM TO 9:00PM
*Tyranny War [Everyday] 12PM | 3PM | 6PM | 9PM
*School War [T,TH,SAT] 1PM | 4PM | 7PM | 10PM
*Royal Rumble [Soon] 


*Legit Facebook Account Owner: Malik Kevin


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