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Location Philippines
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-Server Features- ? EP7 5 Class (Swordsman,Brawler,Archer,Shaman,Gunner). ? Official Tyranny (SPP Map) (Queueing System). ? High Rate Server. ? All Items are huntable (Find a weapon/armor with best RVs) ? Saint Research Underground map. ? Donor and Non Donor E-rooms are separate. ? PH and TH Key for Non Donor. ? Hunt Your Own Items ? Unlock Skill Up To 237 ? NO STUN EFFECT ? NO ANTI POTS EFFECT ? NO ANTI SKILLS EFFECT ? NO HP CUT EFFECT ? Wing (Attack speed). ? Target Info Enabled. ? Golden E-room (w/ score) (crown + reward for the winner). ? WarZone Enabled (Improved WarZone U.I.). ? King of the Ring every month (with crown). ? Combo Based. ? Pots Based. ? Complete Costumes. ? Hosted in a Dedicated Server in Dallas Texas.

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